Doom 64 Is Getting The Brutal Doom Makeover This Weekend

Doom 64 Is Getting The Brutal Doom Makeover This Weekend

Halloween is coming around again this week. For many, it’s an opportunity to dress up, do stuff with pumpkins and generally have a good time. Others rage about American holidays and the American way of life bleeding into Australia, instead opting to celebrate by getting angry on the internet.

Nonetheless, it’s still a good chance for developers to do funky things with their games. Or releasing new ones, as in the case of Brutal Doom 64.

If the name of the mod doesn’t ring any bells, it’s basically a remake of the Doom port that was released on the Nintendo 64. It’s built off the GZDoom open source engine, with a lot of new lighting, gore, sounds, weapon animations, maps, monsters, special effects and particles to boot.

Brutal Doom 64 also adds content that was cut from the original Doom 64, and you can see some of how it all looks below.

The mod’s first full release is due out the day before Halloween in the US, and the creator has also arranged to host a “survival co-operative” multiplayer game of Brutal Doom 64. It’ll probably be released late Sunday Australian time, although there’s a chance it might get pushed out early Monday morning. Still, it’s a great reason to check back in with Doom, especially if you never got hands on with the Nintendo 64 port.


  • Halloween is Celtic and bled into American customs through Irish immigration, so *shrug*. Enjoy dressing up if ya wanna.

    Brutal Doom is pretty rad, though.

  • The Yanks are loosing their shit over Halloween in Destiny as well. I just don’t get it but then again I’ve never had anyone knock on my door asking for lollies, or had any desire to wear a mask and go boo to random strangers.

  • It needs someone to switch the lights on so I can see what I’m doing.

    DOOM 3 is famous for its dark corridors, but at least it gives you a torch.

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