Dragon Ball's Goku Voice Actress Makes It Look So Easy 

It will never cease being amazing to see Masako Nozawa do the original Japanese voices of Goku, Gohan and Goten.  [Image via Akiba Souten]

The 79-year-old began voicing Goku when the Dragon Ball anime started in 1986 and has been involved with the franchise ever since then, voicing a whole host of characters throughout the different series.

She's also voiced characters in other iconic anime and is one of the most famous voice actresses in Japan. 

Recently, her working methods were shown on Japanese TV. Nozawa talked about how she doesn't do any prep work to voice the characters, but just gets into it. 

When asked how she separates the performances, she replied, "I look at the animation. I look at the animation, and if Goku is talking, then the dialogue as Goku quickly comes out, and when it changes to Goten, then I quickly change to Goten."

She makes switching from character to character in the same scene look easy. No doubt, it's not! Doing that and making them believable takes a special skill.

The latest Dragon Ball Super episodes are broadcasted on Sunday morning in Japan. You can follow the show's official Twitter here


    She's still the reason I can't watched DB subbed. Why is Goku a girl?!

      assuming you're not kidding around

      i think it's quite common that guys in anime is voiced by females (Fullmetal Alchemist for example)

        I don't think he is kidding.

        I applaud what she does, and perhaps her Goku voice sound better to Japanese ears, but I too can't stand the original due to Goku's voice.

        Give me Sean Schemmel's dub any day.

      Wait until you hear about The Simpsons, mate.

      Last edited 12/10/16 11:04 am

        Assume you're talking about Nancy Cartwright? Different story when the character's a child.

          The thing is that this is the same voice actress that dubbed Goku as a kid back in the first DB. While it's kind of a screechy voice for such a buff-looking guy such as Goku, seeing her doing Goten and Goku's voice sequentially in the same take shows that's she's actually quite good at making Goku sound adult even with his trademark high-pitched voice.

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