DRM-Free Divinity: Original Sin 2 Now Available Via GOG's 'Games In Development'

Image: Larian Studios

Although Steam was lucky enough to get the incomplete Divinity: Original Sin 2 first, it's neither here nor there for those keen on a DRM-free copy of the game. Particularly now that you can grab it from GOG as part of its "Games In Development" initiative.

For those on the fence regarding where they should spend their money... that's actually a good question. If you want the ability to play Original Sin 2 from a internet-less bunker, then GOG is the way to go.

If you do have the internet however, you can take advantage of GOG's client, called GALAXY, which comes with a patch rollback feature. True, it's not something you'd use often (if ever), but you never know when an update could introduce incompatibilities with your OS or graphics card, or even break your saves.

And if for whatever reason you change your mind about the game, GOG's 14-day refund policy is arguably more flexible than Steam's "two hours or bust" approach.

Otherwise, there's really no difference. They're priced identically at around the $58-mark, so cost isn't a factor. If you like getting updates thick and fast though, Steam might be the better choice, as patches always seem to come down the pipe more promptly with Valve's client.



    I need to gett back into Original Sin 1. Played it with my brother but after 20 hours, still in the first town, trying to get out of it. We gave up. I'm tempted to just play it by myself now.

      Yeah definitely give it another go if you're thinking about playing D:OS2. I started playing it with a friend (local co-op) a few weeks ago for the first time and it really does take over 20 - 30 hours to get past the first zone depending on how much you want to complete (remember you get a huge amount of XP for quests, so you cant just fight your way through the game). A good first playthrough hero line up i've experienced is having a tank and a wizard as your mains then get the huntress (Bairdotr) and rogue (from the well west of Cyseal) and make both of them into rangers with crossbows. Do that and you shouldnt have a problem in combat and you'll glide through the game faster :D
      Also don't neglect crafting and charm ;)

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