Dungeon Keeper Is Free Today, Get It Now

Image: EA

It's not popular to give massive corporations credit, especially when that corporation makes squillions from selling virtual card packs and is a two-time winner of the Worst Company in America award. But if you've been paying attention, you might have noticed that the free games EA gives away on Origin are really, really good. Today they're giving away an absolute snorter, and you should snap it up immediately.

EA's "On The House" library isn't the most extensive in the world. It's been running for more than two years now, and EA hasn't been great about putting up new titles every month. They've only given away three titles this year, for instance, even though they gave away 9 since the service began in March 2014.

But the one point that EA has consistently nailed is quality. Consider this: Syndicate. Theme Hospital. Wing Commander 3. Battlefield 3. The original Dead Space. Jade Empire. 2012's Need For Speed: Most Wanted. Ultima 8. Dragon Age: Origins. Crusader: No Remorse. Simcity 2000. Red Alert 2.

That's not a lineup of shitty games. Those are wall to wall classics. And today, the lineup got even better with the addition of Dungeon Keeper.

Image: EA / origin.com

EA's version is the vanilla game running through DOSBox, so there's no DirectX support and you'll have to press ALT+R once a mission starts for high resolution support. It's still perfectly playable and it should run on modern systems just fine — but it's not the best version of the game and it doesn't come with the Deeper Dungeons expansion.

But it's Dungeon Keeper, and it's free. It's still one of the best strategy games of the 90's and an illustration of what Bullfrog and Peter Molyneux were capable of at their peak. Get it for free through your browser or navigate through Origin; it's worth it.


    Actually bought this for like $2 in a humble bundle sale once.

    Still better than most rts games these days!

    Beyond Good and Evil is going to be the free game of the month on Uplay this month! Should be available mid October!

    I snagged dungeon keeper gold when it was free on GoG a few years back

    I played through Dungeon Keeper 2 a while back, which I picked up on special through GoG.

    At the moment, I'm halfway through the campaign of War for the Overworld. It is seriously good - all the best bits of the DK games with a few QOL additions - highly recommended.

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