Empire Strikes Back Costume Melts Hearts Before It Reaches The First Marker

Custom motorcycle artist Clint Case made this Halloween costume for his son. It's wonderful. Potentially grisly, depending on how many Wampas are left in the wild in the mainland United States, but wonderful nonetheless.

Clint, if you can scrounge together the materials for an adult version, that would be great, thanks.

Via Laughing Squid.


    ummm, Is there any reason why this video has been posted twice by two different writers?

    The other article posted today: http://www.kotaku.com.au/2016/10/its-going-to-be-heartbreaking-when-this-kid-has-to-cut-open-his-adorable-tauntaun-costume/

    Very cute. You may have missed this earlier however, in the white heat of composition:

    Last edited 18/10/16 11:55 pm

    Hey everyone. I'll reply here instead of doing individual ones above. (cc @unitzero, @mrtaco, @djbear)

    This is a fuck up on my part. It got posted twice internationally and I should have been on top of it before it went live here. Nothing more to say other than you can blame me for this.

    In future, just @ me directly (or on Twitter/Facebook/email) if you want to call out something. I'm available more or less any point before midnight and fairly responsive.

      But snarky comments are so much more fun :p
      Especially when directed at those abroad rather than yourself!

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