Everything You Need To Know About Google's Brand New Phone

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It wasn't just about phones, but it was mostly about phones.

Specifically the phone. I'm talking about the Google Pixel which, according to the people in the office who've played with it, is pretty damn good, if a little expensive.

Here's everything you need to know about Google's new phone adventure.

Google Pixel, Daydream And Chromecast Ultra: Australian Price And Release Date Here's the most important info of the day. Yeah... it's a bit expensive here in Australia.

Google Pixel: Australian Hands On A local hands-on with the phone. It's good. "A pretty good iPhone competitor," said Campbell to me, when I asked him two minutes ago.

Telstra Is The Exclusive Telco For The Google Pixel In Australia Well, that's not great. Telstra's okay, but exclusive Telcos are always terrible in my opinion.

Everything Google Announced At Its 'Made By Google' Event That Actually Matters It wasn't just about phones. Here's everything announced at the Google event.

LIVE BLOG: Google's Pixel Phone Launch, As It Happened In case you want to relive the MAGIC of the Pixel launch as it happened.

Google's Daydream View Is A Super Soft, Super Light VR Headset Well, this is interesting. Apparently it's not quite as good as Gear VR. But that's okay, because Gear VR is really, really good (and more expensive).

Google Home Looks Like A Strong Amazon Echo Competitor Also this. Someone wake me up when it's voiced by Pierce Brosnan.

As someone who quite liked Nexus phones, I'm torn about this. My super cheap Android phone is gone, replaced by something better but more expensive. Anyone here thinking about switching?


    *WOW* I remember when Google entered the market with the Nexus, their goal was an affordable phone the standard person could attain. Hell, my mum just got the Nexus 5x and it's a spanky little phone. Sure great to see Google just made a silly move like pricing themselves alongside Apples iphones on something that's not likely to sell as well... but in all honesty, I hope it does, it'd be good to see more competition, not that it'd drive down the pricing point likely :\

    Last edited 05/10/16 9:30 am

      Wasn't the original idea of Chrome to be one of the fastest and most lightweight browsers around? Then that kinda fell by the wayside too.

      The first few Nexus were pretty expensive. It was only the fourth iteration when the price came down, then the 5, then back up again.

    I am not a fan of Google pricing phones in this range. It was great picking up a Nexus for $300-400 outright. Solid phone that got regular updates.
    Looks like I will have to go elsewhere for my next phone :(

    Love my Nexus 5... still going strong. Was looking forward to the Pixel, but at that price, the old N5'll have to keep going a bit longer. ;_;

      Same here, I'll stick with my Nexus 5 for now.

      Mind you, the pricing shouldn't really be a surprise - Google has been marketing their "Pixel" range of devices as premium devices for a while now - first the Chromebook Pixel, then tablets, now phones. If it has the "Pixel" brand on it, you can be pretty confident it's a premium product with a premium pricetag to match.

      Last edited 05/10/16 3:14 pm

        It really isn't. :) Google's been marketing their Nexus devices as iPhone competitors this past 1-2 generations, so it's not really surprising they're transitioning to a new brand to remove the connotations of the Nexus brand's original goals. Was just hoping against all odds they were transitioning to get away from Nexus' new "premium" target, rather than to get away from its old "affordable quality" target.

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