FFXIV Announces Stormblood Expansion: New Jobs, Zones And Battle System

FFXIV Announces Stormblood Expansion: New Jobs, Zones And Battle System

Final Fantasy XIV is releasing its second major expansion, Stormblood, early winter 2017. At today’s FFXIV fan fest, Game Director Naoki Yoshida announced Version 4.0 and a variety of coming changes. FFXIV Stormblood

Development has already begun on Stormblood, which will primarily take place in the new Ala Mhigo zone. “The main concept is getting Ala Mhigo back into Eorzean control from the Garlean empire,” Yoshida said. Monk will be the main class.

A new zone called Rhalger’s Reach will be the beginning location for the storyline and many “sprawling” new zones will be added as well.


Yoshida announced that new jobs will accompany the expansion’s release, but did not give details. On the topic of new jobs, Yoshida simply pointed to his shirt, which cryptically says “the scarlet witch”, and described his affinity for Marvel superheroes. Fans are speculating that Red Mage or Dancer will be introduced.


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Square Enix will also be revamping FFXIV’s battle system and overhauling the skill system, to ameliorate concerns that the current one doesn’t accommodate all of the actions high-level characters must do. Also, since changing classes and necessary skillsets is clunky, “We’re regrouping and recategorising skills so they’re categorised as roles rather than jobs,” Yoshida said. “From those shared role skills and actions, you’ll choose which you need.”

For example, skills necessary for a Paladin to tank will be groups together under a “tank” category rather than a simple “Paladin” category. Essentially, this will clear up space on the hotbars.


FFXIV Stormblood

Other exciting additions:

  • The level cap will be raised from 60 to 70.
  • New primals
  • An “extreme” item inventory expansion
  • A fourth residential area that will “directly affect the main storyline” and was therefore not clarified

Square Enix will release several patches before the early winter Stormblood launch. Square Enix is ending PlayStation 3 support for FFXIV alongside Stormblood’s release.


  • How many years on since beta and they still don’t know what’s going on with the battle system. Shoulda just had it like FFXI from the start.

    I played from the initial beta all the way to 2.0 but for me it just never got any good.

    FFXI 2.0 yes please.

  • Call me when I don’t have to slog through months of bland story filler just to access the latest grand story content.

    • Yoshida has said in the past they intend on allowing new players to be able to access new content relatively quickly

  • ya ive said that as well. they should just update the 11 graphics engine and remarket a perfect mmo.

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