FIFA’s Glitches Are The Best

FIFA’s Glitches Are The Best

September is officially past us, which means the latest version of FIFA is now out on store shelves. But there was a big question mark hanging over this year’s FIFA: would the change to DICE’s Frostbite engine spell the end of the hilarious glitches bringing players together in so many, many wonderful ways?

The answer: no. Not by a long shot.

If you’re not a fan of “sportsball”, there’s a good chance you won’t give FIFA a second look. But the annual franchise has always provided the internet with some of the most entertaining moments, thanks to the bizarre and wonderful ways in which its players come together.

Images: NeoGAF (T.O.P., mikemandey)

Talk about a leading arm.

There’s a sensational thread on NeoGAF dedicated to the annual nonsense that is FIFA tomfoolery. And fortunately, the switch to Frostbite doesn’t seem to have diluted the silliness one iota.

Zlatan certainly doesn’t care if Frostbite’s watching. Sometimes players just want to, er, get right in there.

Goalkeeper might have been a touch more grateful, though. Suarez certainly wasn’t.

Refereeing in FIFA can be pretty sporadic, though.

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But bizarre is pretty much par for the course.

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And at least the players don’t have to deal with the leftover equipment from the pre-game show.

Isn’t FIFA great? And because it’s too good not to include, here’s one more classic FIFA highlight …

Never change, FIFA.


  • Not all that interested in FIFA, but if they took the physics engine / mechanics they used for this game (warts and all), to make a ridiculously overpowered Shaolin-Soccer-esque game with physics-based shockwave attacks etc, I’d be all over that.

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