Girls Fight With Their Butts And Boobs In This Wretched New Anime

Girls Fight With Their Butts And Boobs In This Wretched New Anime
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When you see a truly awful commercial product, do you ever try to picture the businessmen who made it happen? Who was the suit, on the 11th floor of some glassy, gilded skyscraper, who bypassed several security officers, took an elevator to a sterile meeting room, sat down with his well-groomed colleagues and assistants and announced, “Yes, definitely. We would love to produce a fighting anime about women smashing their asses and breasts together. Very good, tremendous potential here”?


Who are you, suit? Can we talk? I have questions about Keijo!!!!!!!!.



I picture this moment: The shaking of hands, the nodding of heads. Were they drinking filtered water when they decided that, yes, a sport where “no contact is allowed except using breasts and butts” was extremely good and, hell, let’s get some real solid animators in here? Scribbled on ledger paper over in Osaka, Japan, was there an obliging secretary’s notes on, “18+ girls, wearing swimsuits, in a dormitory, honing their ‘Butt Cannon’ and ‘Bust to Bust Attack’ skills, learning about life and love”?

I protest. I don’t care that it’s well-animated. I don’t care that the women have discernible personalities — no cookies for you. It is beside the point that Keijo!!!!!!!! was previously a manga. It could have died in obscurity. Now it’s on Crunchyroll.



In Keijo!!!!!!!!‘s first episode, which aired on October 6, protagonist Nozomi Kaminashi begins attending Setouchi Keijo Training School. Several former judo students hone their arse and breast-slamming skills, blasting opponents off floating islands called “Lands”. Yes, they flirt with each other. Of course their swimsuits are sheer. Yes, it has dorm room shenanigans. It is a thing that exists in a world that is increasingly horrible and full of deplorable things.

Predictably, the director of Keijo!!!!!!!! was previously a storyboarder on Upotte!!, an anime about sexy girls who are also machine guns with a similarly immoderate number of exclamation points in its title.

We’ve increasingly seen anime that takes fan service as its subject, and not as a supplement to its subject. This isn’t a hentai. And yet, in Keijo!!!!!!!!, female erogenous zones are the subject, with a thin plot shambly plastered on top. The occasional up-skirt shot or full-body-pan is an expected, tolerable mainstay of contemporary anime. What I don’t understand is why, despite cultural differences, a lot of Western anime fans see Keijo!!!!!!!! and laugh it off, unmoved that, in this show, women are valued at the sum total of their body parts.


  • What I don’t understand is why, despite cultural differences, a lot of Western anime fans see Keijo!!!!!!!! and laugh it off

    …cause it’s just a cartoon?

    • If you use them as a club rather than a ram you’d probably avoid too much pain. As someone who’s been knocked about by a giant pair of knockers, I can vouch for their effectiveness.

  • What I don’t understand is why, despite cultural differences, a lot of Western anime fans see Keijo!!!!!!!! and laugh it off, unmoved that, in this show, women are valued at the sum total of their body parts.

    It’s because it’s absurd and not real. Hell, I’d laugh at it if it was live action. It’s funny because it’s ridiculous.

    • Having said that, it’s not hard to imagine this taking place on some Japanese quiz show, is it? I’d be surprised if it hasn’t already in some for or another.

      • I believe it’s a kids game – They stand on a log floating on water, and try to knock each other off without using their limbs

  • This is genius in a soo bad its good kinda way. the thing about anime is that it can cross certain boundaries that people might normally get offended by if it was real life.

  • What I don’t understand is why, despite cultural differences, a lot of Western anime fans see Keijo!!!!!!!! and laugh it off, unmoved that, in this show, women are valued at the sum total of their body parts.
    You mean that western culture that does exactly that in its own entertainment industries. Sorry but it some parts of this article comes across as trying to be on some moral high horse.

    • Some? The title already pretty much gives away this was gonna be a standard bash the fanservice anime article =P

      It could have been a really interesting ironically funny article/review. Nope instead we get stuck w/ another borderline genius article along the lines of “DoAX3 is a sexual assault simulator” article =P

    • Ha ha, yeah, like jelly wrestling and mud wrestling doesn’t exist? Has anyone seen the Duran Duran clip Girls On Film?

    • Depends where you are, but yeah – Legal age of consent in Japan is 13 (Although prefecture law which can override it, raises it to 18 in some areas)

      • This is an internet myth. Everyone says this and it has never been true.

        The national statute for rape when it comes to a minor being able to give informed consent (ie. statutory rape law, not the law for general consent) has a clause that does not allow any prefecture to set the law for general consent below 13. This is a left-over from before the Meiji Restoration in the mid-1800s. It is not a law about age of consent in itself, it is a minimum that can be set in any law about consent.
        The laws for age of consent are set by prefecture and every single prefecture has it set to 18. Depending on context, people can be prosecuted for sex with anyone under 20, because several laws relating to when a person is considered an adult specifically state 20 years old. This usually applies to gambling, drinking, and smoking specifically, but sometimes crops up in legal proceedings related to consent.

        The laws surrounding pornography when it comes to drawn depictions of children are a completely different kettle of weird fish. Long story short: Paedo porn is ok as long as it’s a comic book, but you have to censor genitals in all porn at all times, because they are obscene.

        Japanese pornography law is a goddamn mess because post-WW2 Japan was bending over backwards to make America happy and America demanded bizarre shit.

    • And the west says it’s pefectly fine to torture, mutilate and humiliate civilians as long as it’s pixels… what’s your point? =P

  • Getting soo bored of the reactions to things like this, we get it. Youre outraged. Its just a cartoon.

      • You can tell the genuine outrage by the way they put the animation on the front page to get maximum clicks out of it. That isn’t exploitation though, that is journalism apparently.

        • Nah, that’s bollocks. This kind of anime is only watched by a select audience, almost exclusively in the privacy of their own homes, almost certainly not in front of any impressionable youngsters. I ask, therefore, how any kind of outrage over it is justified in the least. Is there any reason for such outrage?

          Compare with stuff like sexist or racist abuse in the street, sexist treatment of customers in stores or in mainstream media. That’s the kind of stuff that people can legitimately call out and say, if I say nothing, I am effectively encouraging its perpetuation.

          This is an opportunity for chest thumping, nothing more. Until they bring out studies that show that watching sexist anime leads to real world consequences, that’s all it will be, too.

          • Virtual signalling as a whole is stupid idea perpetuated by MRAs and other assorted internet manchildren.

            Disagree with the article if you like, but calling pretty much anything virtue signalling is telling the world that you are being disingenuous.

          • MRAs and other assorted internet manchildren labels for people with a different point of view to yours?

            At its worst, virtue signalling could also be disingenuous if the virtues being signalled aren’t honestly held… sort of like that guy Robert Marmolejo, who helped manage Crash Override’s social media accounts, allegedly used his position and connections to abuse around twenty women online. He was tweeting about GamerGate and abuse of women, but participating in it himself.

            At its best, virtue signalling is about trying to appear trendy. Saying, hey look everybody, I support this thing that is (a) politically correct (b) popular in certain circles (c) something that you also support. All that is fine, but it’s when someone starts chest-beating and pushing these views aggressively onto other people that it starts getting ugly. It leaves the realm of intellectual debate and transforms into ad hominem attacks.

            It’s only to be expected really. People who once chained themselves to trees and protested in the streets have graduated to online shenanigans.

          • MRA culture as a whole isn’t just people with different points of view, it’s people with points of view that differ from mine in that they actively promote perpetual models of abuse and inequality based on knee-jerk reactions to an evolving social structure.

            I don’t see how people being unhappy that their entire gender is consistently reduced to objects for attainment or (at best) one-dimensional filler in their cultural narrative as anything other than genuine protest. It’s not this or that example. It’s the entire cultural narrative. There’s nothing confected about it.

            People who protested in the streets and chained themselves to trees are the people who helped abolish slavery and win voting rights for people. Here, they saved the Tasmanian rainforest from wholesale destruction and in doing so created one of the most important pieces of legal precedent in Australian history. Diminishing all of that work and dismissing it as stuff that silly crybabies did before the power of internet is… I don’t know. Callous? Dismissive to the point of comical? idk, man. I’m not sure of the point you’re making there, but I don’t think it’s a strong one.

  • Look man, this is studio Xebec we’re talking about here.
    They have been making pseudo-hentai for years now and for every good normal anime like Lagrange they make, they make three like this, or To Love Ru or Maken Ki.

    This isn’t a hentai.
    It’s deliberately close. These kinds of shows are aired late night on cable TV and make a large part of their revenue from bluray sales so you can see the uncensored nipples.
    Stop thinking about this as if it’s meant for the same mass consumption as all other anime because it’s not.

  • Is it just me or are these ‘ I’m outraged and offended ‘ bs articles appearing more and more on this site? It’s a cartoon. I laughed in the same way i would laugh if it was a bunch of dudes fighting with their wangs.

    • What if it were a child pornography/animal cruelty cartoon? Would that be just a cartoon as well? Or is it that the subject matter is fine as far as you are concerned and you are hand-waving the entire conversation by minimising the opinions of the author so you don’t have to defend the fact that you are cool with something so stupid?

      • Yeh because child porn is really on the same level, and i honestly find it disconcerting that it’s literally the first place your mind goes.

        Pokémon can be considered animal abuse. You can literally find something to be offended by in anything if you’re so inclined , or you can be an adult and move on with your life. And yes I’m cool with it. I don’t watch it because it’s not to my fancy, but who am i, you or the author to tell people what they can or can’t enjoy or judge them for it based upon personal opinion? And defend myself against what? You’re opinion? No thanks.

        • Sexually exploitative media content made in a society that is famous for sexually exploitative media content? Especially when both examples actually exist and are readily commercially available on the same shelf in the same shop?


  • That was one thing that annoyed me with Code Geass. The first season was about the story and it was great. The second season was still good but it had a bunch of weird terrible school stories and every second shot was a butt show or camel toe shot for no reason other than horny audience.

    Still a good show though and I admit that I did laugh each time I saw that. This is also funny. Very funny.

    • Kinda reminds me of Rosario to Vampire..

      Now being a shounen harem it had its fair share of fan service but at least it stuck to the great storyline on how Tsukune grows as a character… but my gawd season 2 was just unwatchable. They basically abandoned following the manga’s story and threw in pointless filler crap w/ a panty counter…. geebus fsck so disappointing =/

  • I’ll preface by saying that I do enjoy a reasonable amount of content and some of the writers produce some really good stuff from time to time but….

    It seems like almost everyone writing for kotaku (au and us) is trying to put themselves on a pedestal of enlightenment or moral superiority. It’s either an article about discrimination of some kind, or something about gaming time and parenting responsibilities, and sometimes various other things. I always get my daily eye-rolling exercises in when I visit. The first time I really noticed it was during all the uproar about racism and resident evil 6, and I feel like it’s been pretty apparent in the last two years.

    • Hey, thanks for the feedback. I wouldn’t agree with what you’ve said re. the superiority though: you can click on the author tabs and you’ll get an instant feed of everything they’ve written, and I think if you go through just the headlines you’ll see pretty quickly that that isn’t the case.

    • Seems pretty weird that every sensible media studies course would explore the existence of this in detail alongside many other transparent trends from a viewer/reader perspective and encourage vigilance on the subject along with educating on the conventions that highlight this practice yet apparently it doesn’t exist. It’s baffling that we teach certain responsibilities of writing in schools and universities but so few of those are actually adhered in a general sense. I wish writers could see the spectrum of information readers do; how so much is simply stated and not properly reasoned or considered. How often we read articles that attempt to escalate something that we can’t reasonably make a connection to any kind of measurable harm. When it gets to a point where it’s rare for a three dimensional perspective to be expressed – it’s hard to constantly think in a vaccuum like they seem to want you to. It feels like people are attempting to fight some personal construct as opposed to informing others.

    • Or maybe people aren’t cynically trying to put themselves above others. Perhaps they just see behaviour that they find objectionable and use the outlet available to them to express that objection.

  • This looks stupid and bad. I don’t understand who the intended audience is.

    If people wanted porn, they would watch porn. If they wanted a story, they’d watch a good story. This fails at both and it’s kinda gross.

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