Guy Plays Overwatch Using Bow As Controller

Rudeism likes to play video games with weird controllers. So yeah, here he is playing Overwatch — as Hanzo — using a nerf bow.

He's done something similar recently, playing as D.Va using joysticks, but there's something about that pissy little bow that's more entertaining. It just ... fits playing as fucking Hanzo.

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In case you were wondering whether that was some kind of weird peripheral, nope, he actually did some impressive work rigging a control system to its mechanical actions (which you can see being put together below). Then controller Hanzo's movement using a dance mat.

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    "Then controller Hanzo’s movement using a dance mat."


    Auto playing videos + sound tracks at the same time? Really? Come on guys what about the people who read Kotaku at work.

    *grudgingly mutters something about bows being cool*

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