Hand-Made Bastion Figure Actually Transforms

For reasons unknown, there are no Overwatch action figures. I want there to be Overwatch action figures. Especially Bastion ones that transform like this hand-made effort.

Made by master Korean craftsman Truxton, it's 100 per cent wood, fully posable and 100 per cent transformable at scale, which is testament as much to Blizzard's character design (they didn't cut any corners when it came to drawing/modelling his two modes) as it is Truxton's immense skills.

You can see more of Truxton's work at his Facebook page, while below is a video showing both the construction of the Bastion model, as well as a sequence showing how it transforms.


    More chance of Overwatch comfort pillows at this rate.

    Didn't Blizzard market it with giant figures/Life size figures in packages? Surely they must have a merch plan like Warcraft and Diablo.

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