Here’s An Interactive, 6-Gigapixel Shot From Rise Of The Tomb Raider

Here’s An Interactive, 6-Gigapixel Shot From Rise Of The Tomb Raider

4K? That’s nothing. If you want to get serious about pixels, you’re going to need to go higher. Much higher. Like, uh, six gigapixels. I know that sounds made-up, but it’s not. Honest. There’s even a website called “Gigapixel Gaming” that’s filled with super-mega-resolution stills from popular titles. The most recent addition? This stunner from Rise of the Tomb Raider.

The lead image clearly isn’t in the gigapixel range — no, you’ll want to hit up the interactive version on the Gigapixel Gaming website. At first glance, the picture is certainly pretty, but that’s not the best part. Try zooming in.

Enhance. Enhance. Enhance. Enha-alright, you get the idea.

There are a lot of steps to the zoom-in and just when you think you’ve reached the maximum, it gives a little more. Take Lara Croft on the far-left — she starts as a tiny person-looking thing, but once you go all the way in, you can clearly make out the individual laces on her boots.

If six gigapixels isn’t good enough for you, OK, OK. How about a 50-gigapixel shot from The Witness?

As they[Who?] say: Prepare your eyeballs!

The Aqueduct [Gigapixel Gaming]


  • Cool, but kinda shows that mesh quality is the limitation rather than texture.
    Lotsa fugly shaped objects in that pic with really nice textures on them.

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