Here’s Every Game Nintendo Showed Off On The Nintendo Switch

Here’s Every Game Nintendo Showed Off On The Nintendo Switch

So Nintendo’s finally lifted the lid on the Switch, formerly known as the NX. But what games will you actually be able to play on their fancy new detachable console?

Here’s all of the games Nintendo showed off in their reveal trailer — and there’s a few interesting ones:


Splatoon was Nintendo’s final game, and it was also their big competitive pitch with two teams pictured in a stadium filled with spectators.

Not sure about that one.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

We knew this one was coming. Can’t really tell whether it runs better on Switch or has more graphical fidelity, but you’d have to imagine it would to some extent.

NBA 2K17

Bit of an interesting choice. Major sports franchises weren’t really something that featured on the Wii U. I’ll be very, very keen to see if the Switch actually has this as a launch title come March. (I’d play the hell out of it.)

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

Definitely didn’t expect to see this one. Wonder how hard Nintendo had to lobby Bethesda to get them on board. Games like Skyrim would be perfect to take on the train and then continue playing when you get home, though. It makes total sense.

A New 3D Mario Game

We saw the least about this one. The impression I got was more of a modern Mario 3D than a new Mario Galaxy or anything like that.

Mario Kart 9

Another no-brainer. I’d expect to see Smash as a launch game as well, the way Nintendo is pitching the co-op possibilities between multiple Switch consoles. But MK9 makes plenty of sense.

What else would you like to see playable on the Nintendo Switch?


  • I am worried we didn’t see any choice portable brands.

    Pokemon being the obvious one.

    I’m a bit anxious about needing to finish my Wii U backlog now, the trailer wasn’t clear if backwards compatibility was going to survive any longer.

    Look, I’m there Day 1 for Mario. The rest, I’ll have to wait and see.

    Now the first question media need to ask is this:

    Is it region-locked?

    • There’d be too many questions that need answering, but I think news about Pokemon etc will come out at the investor briefing.

      Don’t want to overshadow Sun/Moon and potentially damage sales on that because people think it might be coming to the Switch, right?

    • They arent going to take focus off Sun and Moon anytime soon so they wont announce a new Pokemon for ages.

      Backwards compatability is out the window. No disk drive and with reports its running tegra hardware it wouldnt be easy.

        • Oh? No WiiU compatibility? I mean specifically not even Digital? Do we know that for sure? : ( There’s no 3DS compatibility however, the gold inserts on the underside of the Switch’s cartridges are different unfortunately. The Website has pictures.

          • Who knows when it comes to the e-shop. Nintendo does like reselling you the same games on different platforms..

          • It looks like no stylus/touchscreen, no discs and no ‘LED Bar’ support, so I can’t see Wii or Wii-U compatibility, or even DS. Maybe Gamecube, N64, SNES etc.
            Wrap a few lines at the end,

    • How exactly could they achieve backwards compatibility when WiiU uses a different physical medium and functions based upon 2 screens where as this seems to function on just one?

  • With Pokemon Sun and Moon coming out soon (with Beta live) they probably don’t want to taint sales by people saying I will wait till Switch. Same goes for any DS title, showing them too early on the NX catalogue may detract from their big seller… but if the Switch takes off they may even phase out the DS over time.

    Backwards compatibility if not, expect the back catalogue of the eShop to be bought up to code, especially if they decide to apply subscription services.

    I wonder if the rumored Android base operating system means it easier for developers and indies?

    • I was chatting to a friend this morning – wouldn’t it be great if Rockstar ported the mobile GTA games over to this so you could play them with actual good controls!

  • Wait, that’s just Mario Kart 8 right? Though I do get that the power-up’s are being displayed differently here. Hmmm.

    • As @Gooky pointed out, MK8 doesn’t have King Boo or double items.

      The course as well was Yoshi Circuit from MK: Double Dash, not in MK8.

      • King Boo right, sorry. When you’re up this late/early your mind doesn’t function as clear as it should. That said, Unless there’re two versions of Yoshi Circuit out there, which is perhaps what you’re pointing out, (I never played DD on the gamecube.) Yoshi Circuit was though, included in LoZ DLC content. But I digress. It’s about time I hit the hay.

        • Yoshi Circuit was though, included in LoZ DLC content.

          Gah! I even looked it up! The site had the DLC courses on a separate page and I overlooked it.

          Yay for late-night research!

  • Might be Splatoon 2, that doesn’t seem to be any of the existing levels. Same as Mario Kart doesn’t currently have King Boo, or double items.

  • Smash Bros has never been a launch title has it? Especially since devs were /just/ taking a rest after burning themselves on Wii U’s Smash.

    • Well it was launch-ish for Cube, coming a month or two after with a bit of a delay I think, along with Pikmin.

  • With how much usage I saw out of the Wii/Wii-U, I don’t think I’ll be buying this, the other two consoles were disappointing to me, unless the console is like $200 AU. I’m not saying that previous consoles or this new one are bad, and I’m sure many people got more than their moneys worth out of their consoles, but that’s them. Good luck to Nintendo, and hopefully this earns them some respect back!

  • Didn’t nintendo say splatoon wasn’t an e sports title when people asked why no voice chat?

  • With the 3DS line still doing well, it’s smart for them to focus on “home” experiences to start with, build up a base, then transition the portable games over to Switch.

  • The hell is happening to me? I thought I was surely jaded enough by time not to engage in hype, but I’m about as excited for this as I was for the N64. Personally, if Nintendo pulls this off specs-wise, I find this concept to be pretty genius.

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