Here's The Cheapest Copies Of Battlefield 1 In Australia

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It's the biggest release by far this week and so far the reception from those playing through EA/Origin Access has been pretty good. I'm talking about Battlefield 1, of course.

So, let's say you're interested in picking up the next big World War 1 shooter. But where's the cheapest place to get it from? We've got you covered.


Price: $60 (PC), $69 (PS4, XBO)

Ozbargain earlier this week uploaded a photo of the latest catalogue, showing what should comfortably be one of the best deals around. BF1 has a much better chance of converting the PC crowd than Battlefield Hardline or Battlefront ever did, and to get it for $60 is a pretty acceptable price for most people.

$69 is pretty good if you're playing on console as well. I'll probably be making a stop to Target myself.


Price: $78 (PC, PS4, XBO)

Standard pricing here; nothing particularly special. Worth noting that you can get Battlefield 1 as part of the console bundles for the Xbox One S and the PS4 Slim if you're interested — might not be a bad option for Christmas.

Big W

Price: $75 (PC), $85 (PS4, XBO)

Again, nothing fancy here.

JB Hi-Fi

Price: $69 (PC, PS4, XBO)

Matches Target's offering on the consoles and the PC price isn't too much of an impost if you don't have a Target nearby. Going in-store also gives you a chance to check out the latest post-it JB reviews, which is always a fun time.

EB Games

Price: $89.95 (PC), $99.95 (PS4, XBO)

Pretty much what you'd expect from EB. There's always the price match offer, of course.

Harvey Norman

Price: $88 (PC), $98 (PS4, XBO)

Again, you're better off checking elsewhere.


Price: $78.24 (PC, PS4, XBO)

The price is based off the current exchange rate, so your mileage may vary should you opt for the Amazon route. You can order physical copies for your platform of choice as well, although that'll cost you extra. To be honest, however, you're not saving any money.


Price: $64 (PC), $76.48 (PS4, XBO)

Surprisingly competitive deal on the Origin key from Play-Asia here.


Price: $64 (PC, key only), $68 (PC retail), $76 (PS4, XBO)

Again — a decent offering on the Origin key here. Shame you can't get that kind of deal through Origin proper, but gamers aren't going to look a gift World War 1 horse in the mouth. The console offerings are pretty standard, but given that they're being shipped from the United Kingdom you're best just buying local.

PlayStation Network

Price: $99.95

You are off your rocker if you buy at this price. Just use any of the other links above to get digital codes for at least $20 cheaper.

Also, $75.95 for the premium pass? Damn.

Xbox Live

Price: $89.96 (with EA Access), $99.95

Look on the bright side Sony fans: the Xbox Live prices are just as ridiculous.

Dungeon Crawl

Price: $89.96 (PS4, XBO)

Nothing to get excited about.


Price: $60.73 (PC)

Pretty competitive offering.


Price: $89.99 (PC)

This is the price you'll see if you fire up the Origin marketplace. You can save plenty elsewhere, whether its digitally or via a brick and mortar store.

So those are the cheapest prices for Battlefield 1 that I could find today. See anything we missed? And will you be picking up Battlefield 1 at all this week? Let us know!


    Now I just need to decide which platform to buy it on.......PC for best controls and the pretties, PS4 for the bigger friends list or XBone because........ well..........I guess I haven't used it in a while, so there is that.


      Same problem here (although no PS4).

      I think as I get older I give less of a shit about being competitive, so I reckon I'll go with the Xbox copy to tool around with mates.

        yeah that's what I tend to think (But PS4), although the extra pretties on PC might sway me. I'll probably only end up playing the single player and a bit of Multi before being dragged off to a new game anyway. Clearly I am putting to much though into this.....!

      Hate to be that guy, but it's relevant. If console is the choice, the game is 900p on PS4 and 720p Xbox One.

        Ha Ha there is always one of you lurking around (I jest)

        yeah I tend not to care to much about the resolution (my PC is a bit of a beast and will run it at high/ultra @ 1440 if not DSR). its more of a choice between where I'll enjoy it most these days that sways my decision. limited time to game means I want to get the most fun out of it. Cheers for the reply ;)

      I go with a simple solution. When it comes to shooters it's always PC unless there's a complex movement scheme that would work better on console. So basically things like Battlefield and Rainbow 6 go on PC while things like recent CODs, Overwatch and Titanfall go on console. has it for 59.39 aus and the harlem hellfighters dlc for 1.59 aus (PC Copy fyi)

    You are off your rocker if you buy at this price. Just use any of the other links above to get digital codes for at least $20 cheaper.

    Where can I get EU/AU PlayStation game codes from? Each site just lists PC keys? Or just PSN cards for UK or US.

      This. Show us where to buy AU PSN codes that cheap Alex?

        Yup wondering the same thing.
        Although I bought it already with a 20% off AU PSN card from Coles a few months ago.

    My clanmates and I were utterly gobsmacked at how smooth launch was. The game ran flawlessly and there were no queues.

    I think EA has been taken over by slightly more efficient lizard people.

    Last edited 18/10/16 1:49 pm

      They dropped the ball pretty hard for a long time with BF4, maybe they're actually trying to make up for a bad rep this time.

    Or you could get Verdun for 25 US...

    GMG had it for US$46 which works out around the au$60 mark.

    actually works out to AU$59.91 - the cheapest option for PC.

    Last edited 18/10/16 5:33 pm

    BF1 has a much better chance of converting the PC crowd than Battlefield Hardline or Battlefront ever didIt was my understanding the Battlefield francis started life on PC, and has quite a healthy PC player base.

    Here's hoping my local Target actually stocks PC games.

    Times like this I regret buying a computer case with no DVD/BD drive...

      This is steed
      steed bought a external/portable drive
      the external drive runs on a USB
      be like steed

      seriously it only cost me $20 and has saved me so much data on downloads its not funny and leaves the option to pick up physical copies if they are by some chance cheaper (bargain bin games etc)

    It's currently $45.99 USD on GMG, which is $59.95 AUD (digital only)

    Not sure to get the PS4 version @900p or Xbox1S @ 720P but with HDR.....

    how good/bad is the galipolli war story?

    currently $63.04 at cjs-cdkeys with the pre-order dlc

    ...and the rest for the obligatory plethora of DLC that you'll need to buy to avoid the inevitable un-populated base version maps.

    EA access to play it early, base game, Santa sack of DLC. EA DICE really do have peoples wallets wrapped around their little fingers.

      It's not like it's all horse armour type bullshit, the map packs have always been worth it to me, given the hundreds of hours playtime I get out of a Battlefield game. I never bothered with any cosmetic or head start packs.

    This say's target has an offering of $60. Can you please direct me to where this is? I can only find this offer available at American Target stores online, making it closer to $78AUD.

      Physical target stores, make sure that they both stock video games first (not all do) and that they have the PC version and not just the console version. wont be available online till release (21/10)

    Payed 57 something from green man gaming with 2% discount code

    BigW now also has it out for $69 on XB1 and PS4

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