Here's The New Star Wars: Rogue One Trailer

Image: Youtube

And it's looking suitably epic.

Perhaps more so than the first trailer, I feel this one gives us a pretty solid idea of the narrative arc we can expect to see.

And guess what? It looks good. I'm digging it.

Didn't rely too much on Jedi powers, lasers, or effects either.

This might really blow the socks off The Force Awakens. What do you think?


    So good, Cant wait to see this. Will be a good Star Wars fix till the next movie. :)

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    Boring story stuff
    Boring story stuff
    Donny Yen kicking ass
    Boring story stuff

    Yep... I need to see this

    Damnit, how, after all this time, can the music and images from this universe still send chills up my spine?

    Fairly sure I just went over my monthly mobile data allowance watching this. Totally worth it.

    Since the last Star Wars film flopped in China, now I see why they decided to cast both China's biggest action star & one of their most popular dramatic actors. Well played Disney.

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