You Can Re-Watch The Third Presidential Debate Right Here

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People like to talk and argue about politics from time to time, even on Kotaku Australia. So to give everyone one neat place to do that, here's where you can watch the third and final presidential debate of 2016.

There should be even more fireworks than before. Donald Trump, embattled by controversies around that tape, accusations of sexual harassment and facing almost certain defeat according to the polls, is expected to come out swinging as hard as possible. And while the polls have Hillary Clinton well ahead, her own campaign is still dogged by the email server scandal, ties to Wall Street, and her own set of unfavourable ratings.

Here's when the debate kicks off, starting with the east coast of Australia:

  • Sydney/Melbourne/Hobart: 1200/12:00 PM
  • Queensland: 1100/11:00 AM
  • Adelaide: 1130/11:30 AM
  • Perth: 1000/10:00 AM
  • New Zealand: 1400/02:00 PM

Chris Wallace from Fox News will moderate the debate, which will concentrate on six areas: fitness to be president, areas of concern abroad, the Supreme Court, the economy, debt and entitlements and immigration.

As for the debate itself, here's where you can watch:

  • Free-to-air TV: ABC, SBS, Channel 7 and Channel 9 will all be broadcasting the debate commercial free from 12:00 PM AEDT.
  • YouTube: YouTube is simulcasting NBC's coverage of the debate, which you can watch below.
  • Twitter: Like the first debate, Twitter will be simulcasting Bloomberg's coverage of the debate. You'll be able to watch and Tweet from this handy page.
  • Facebook: Facebook is re-broadcasting ABC News' coverage of the debate here.

If you just want a nice simple YouTube link to follow, here's YouTube's simulcast of NBC's coverage.

Youtube is also simulcasting coverage from CBS News, FOX, PBS, C-SPAN, the Washington Post and the New York Times.

Chat about the debate before it kicks off, and while it's live, in the comments below. And when you're doing that, please remember that I have to moderate all the comments and it'd really help if you all played nicely. Please.


    ah watching a grown man who is in running for the highest office in world (apparently) acting worse than a toddler at a checkout crying because he thinks his sibling got a treat and he didnt. Fun times. Hillary may be a good many (and bad) things but at least she made it all the way to adulthood and even better, knows how to act in a debate.

    Last edited 20/10/16 7:57 am

    Sucks for America. Trump is a loon and Clinton is as shifty as they come not to mention a horrible role model for women. There is no lesser of 2 evils here imo.

      There's definitely a lesser of two evils in my opinion, like John Oliver stated, Clinton may be a liar, she may be a bitch, she may have done things wrong, but when you weigh up the things she's done compared to Trump, the scales don't weigh up, he outweighs her immensely. I don't like her much, I can't stand him, but I'd sooner see her in power than him.

    Let's see. We've got a veteran of the Democrats who has served for the last 8 years in the incumbent administration.
    A guy with bad hair, business leader with 0 experience in politics.

    Yeah, if I was American i'd vote for the lesser of those 2 evils and go democrats.

    The rapture streamed right to your home. Technology!

    Jokes aside.

    Social media is an absolute sewer thanks to this race.

    I mean, more than usual.

    Those that - in all seriousness - put forward the line of 'they are as bad as each other' require some form of outreach or check-up. They are themselves fire-bombing any rational conversation one might want to have ie exercising democracy.

    Yeah, there will always be cynicism in politics. However, and this is especially true in American politics, that means if you push that view on others, you say more about yourself than the candidates. You don't have to vote in the US. Other countries it's mandatory. Mandatory voting in Australia asks you whether you like it or not if you'd like to donkey vote again.

    'Yeah but he/she is doing this, so nah nah nah' - probably the last thing you read about the race. That person can't be rationalised with. You're showing you have no aspirations, no desire to think of a better place (America/world depending on your nationality) and how you and your vote could possibly contribute to that happening.

    As a politics nut, I can quite comfortably call these people out as we do if we see less-than-authentic attempts at 'being of, for, and about games' - fake politics nuts.

    They're tourists, they'd treat formal democratic proceedings in sovereign countries like it's reality tv.

    It's really quite aggravating.

    Watched 3 minutes while waiting for coffee. I'm pretty sure I heard Trump make at least three hypocritical arguments in that time alone. And so many arguments from both sides favouring sentiment over facts. If these are the presidential candidates... all hail our new world leader - China.

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