Hey, There's A New Assassin's Creed Movie Trailer

How are we supposed to feel about the Assassin's Creed movie at this point? It's hard to tell. It's directed by Justin Kurzel — that's good. It's movie about a video games — that's usually good. It's a movie about a Ubisoft video game — that bodes better because the Prince of Persia movie wasn't too bad.

Who knows?

And to be honest, this trailer hasn't changed my mind either way. Michael Fassbender is probably the best male actor working in Hollywood right now, but that doesn't mean he won't have a stinker or two.

Put me down as cautiously optimistic.


    It’s movie about a video games — that’s usually good.

    Oh I don't know about that. I like cheesy romps as much as the next guy, but video game movies are, far more often than not, quite crap.

    Most of that could probably be attributed to uwe boll, the digital homicide of film. I give him a couple of points for Ray Liotta's batshit crazy performance in "in the name of the king", but everything else...

    Also ubisoft and it's movie preorder bonuses and special editions may have shaded my opinion of this film somewhat.

    I'm pessimistic, but if it's good, it will be a pleasant surprise! I am a Fan-bender.

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    Holy shit I'm now on board the Hype Train!!!

    Didn't like it personally, I just found it had no character to it. The music was awful again and felt more like it was concerned with looking cool than being effective. The movie itself could be great I'll judge the final product on its own merits, but so far neither trailer has done anything for me.

      This is the first trailer I've seen and I wanted to comment on the music...

      I mean it's awful, it doesn't fit and is just wrong. But I'm wondering if this is a trailer house kind of decision, we got a good look at some of the behind the scenes stuff with that with the Suicide Squad debacle, so is it just a situation where that music isn't from the actual movie soundtrack at all?

      It reminds me very much of CW "listen to this hip music who's chorus line sounds vaguely thematic!" style or pretty much any original channel 7 ad.

      Because if you took that music away I think I'd be cautiously optimistic about this film.

        Check out the first one, it used Kanye music... then throw your ears in the bin and scream...


          I don't want to judge without seeing it, on the other hand I really do...

      I wouldn't worry about that. Marketing for video game movies tends to get stretched to try reel in all demographics, so you end up with trailers with pop-music and fast cuts, when the movie is nothing like that. See Warcraft trailer:


    The original Mortal Kombat was on TV the other night. I could stomach the first 5 minutes before having to turn the TV off and go try cleanse my sullied mind.

    I'm also a bit on the fence with this one. Yes Fassy is good. Yes the production on this has apparently been fairly smooth. But it's a movie about a dude who effectively time travels to experience the memories of his dead ancestor, because conspiracy/templar/illuminati something something. (Yes, I know it's not strictly time travel, but it's thematically so similar it's almost moot.)

    Like, the story of the games isn't even that coherent. How the hell are they going to put that on screen in a way that's compelling and entertaining as a film without seeming either really camp or deviating so far from the source material that it's no longer recognisable as an AC game?

    I am only watching it if there are shots of floating lips and eyeballs.

    The soundtrack is still all wrong and I sincerely hope that the movie itself uses more instrumental styles and the stuff used in the trailers falls to a forgotten past.

    I can't wait for the tie in video game.

      Anyone else remember Street Fighter: The Movie: The Game?

    I just don't like that they said:
    "We've traced his bloodline back 500 years... to the Assassin's Creed."
    Really? His bloodline doesn't go back to people, it goes to some words said by those people? uhh.. ok.

    I think it looks good though.

      Well the 'Assasins Creed' was passed down by voice from Assasin to Assasin so it kinda still makes sense if you want to think hard enough about it.

      I totally had the Ron Howard voice in my head go "That's the name of this show!" At that point.

      Really awkward wording.

    "It’s movie about a video games — that’s usually good"

    Go home, Mark. You're drunk.

    This looks like it might be actually good. I'm surprised they went with the animus story-line though seeing as the games have essentially stopped using it

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