History Of XCOM In Less Than 2 Minutes

History Of XCOM In Less Than 2 Minutes

It’s strange watching the games of your childhood given a fresh coat of paint and reimagined into something new. Sometimes they turn out as good (or better) and other times… well, let’s not talk about them here. XCOM is a series that landed in the former category, but what was it about the franchise that made it good reboot material? Perhaps a history lesson will help.

Over on the YouTube channel “LORE”, Michael Hogman has a quick — as in a minute-and-a-half quick — rundown of XCOM’s beginnings, starting with the incredibly awesome progenitor Laser Squad from the father of XCOM, Julian Gollop, to the more recent incarnations.

In between it all is Microprose, which took Gollop on-board and helped develop XCOM’s pedigree as the best in strategy and turn-based tactical games. It’s a mix that could have easily exploded into a complicated, unplayable mess, but Gollop and Microprose made it work and here we are today, with very fond memories of UFO: Enemy Unknown and Terror from the Deep.

That said, I had a lot of fun with Apocalypse too, despite it being poorly received. I still think about firing it up from time to time…

XCOM: Cancellation Unknown | Development LORE | Hogmanlolz | The Making of XCOM [YouTube]


  • I love X com. I always understood terror from the deep to be a sort of cash grab reskin and I thought Apocalypse to be the underdog best, mainly because xcom 1 shows its age. Apocalypse a had some fantastic ideas.

    Im playing xcom 2 on ps4 right now. Load times are excruciating and I was having a rough time being oneshotted at the start but I’ve crested that curve and am having a blast.

    Enforcer and Interceptor dont exist of course. I guess interceptor was merely okay.

    • I tried so hard to like Apocalypse, but man, it runs like a dog. And understanding it’s bizarre mechanics felt like trying to reverse engineer my PC.

      • It’s a product of its time, I guess. It’s been a while since I’ve gone back to it, but I remember some of the really cool things it did.

        I like that it’s a city with different factions that pay your bills. And if you cause too much collateral damage they take it out of your pay.

        Did you play the original X-com, because I remember that was even more dated as far as the interface goes.

        X-com (the re-boot) did simplify the interface a whole lot.

        • I played the original Enemy Unknown a lot back in the day. Even though the interface was clunky, it was still intuitive. Making armour, researching, sending out fighters all worked the way I expected them to.

          But Apocalypse just sent so many left turns. Like, you have a flying car, but your troop can (and will) make their way to the mission site on foot. Organising them into the car was not a straightforward process.

          want to make armour? Just make sure you don’t assume it’s easy and only make the chest piece. You need to make all the components individually – because… something?

          Those are the big ones. Just getting my guys and ships equiped the way I wanted just drove me up the wall. I quit after only a couple hours it was so hard.

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