How Can It Be Wrong If Love Feels So Right?

Some cosplayers just want to see the world burn. Leia is Galacticat, Riker is her boyfriend. Photo by Alexandra Lee Studios.


    Why is that wrong?

    Technically speaking, Star Trek is set in the Milky Way Galaxy and Star Wars in a galaxy far far away at a time unspecified in reference to earth. The crossover could very well happen if they want to write it ^_^

      I think this is the one where Riker travels throughout time searching for the hottestt ladies of history. Then while he is violating his way through history he thinks hes maybe violated the prime directive. But it turns out it was just jerkface Q jerking it up. He was all the princesses. Im sure this happened.

    But I'm sooooooo confused Mummy...

    I must say though, the porcelain doll look is smashing — I've never see such smooth skin ;)

    Last edited 05/10/16 8:11 pm

    If the Trek and SW universes ever came into contact. Riker would have tried to bang her. He banged everyone who came onto the ship. He was a bit of a slut...

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