How Long Does It Take To Put Together A Gaming Chair?

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While gaming chairs can be remarkably comfortable, they can also be a little fiddly to put together. So myself and Gizmodo's Campbell Simpson decided to test something — how long would it take us to put one together?

We were sent in two of the latest gaming chairs to hit the Australian market. The brand is noblechairs, which are currently only distributed through MWAVE.

There's two types of chairs available — the faux leather model for $449, and a real leather version from $699. So since we had two in the office, we thought: why not try and have a race to put them together.

Well, that was the original plan. And then we caved and just decided to put one together instead.

If you want to see the final $699 product, complete with the velour lumbar support and headrests, here's what it looks like:

Image: Kotaku

Not too bad. We'll let you know what we think after a couple of weeks. Until then, tell us: what chair do you use for gaming?


    I'm using a cheap chair. My Mum uses my PC a lot and has osteoporosis. Should I save up and buy a gaming chair? Is it worth it?

      I would at least investigate a furnished chair from a nearby store; maybe something second-hand for $150-200. It's seriously worth it.

        I think I'd rather buy it brand new. I'll check them out at Pax this year. If it's going to help my Mum's back pain, I don't mind paying money for it.

      If your sending a sizeable amount of time sitting, a good ergonomic desk chair is good. Freedom, Amart, Officeworks, Ikea.

      After all an adjustable chair is cheaper than having your spine adjusted.

        She can't have her spine adjusted, so you make a good point

    Gaming chairs are so weird, they're just non-certified car seats stuck on an office chair base. I don't know why they're so popular, they're the fake bonnet scoop of sitting down.

    The majority of structural features on these things only apply if you're wearing a harness and resisting lateral forces.

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      IKR. I don't get why it needs to be bolstered either. These are a bit of an overpriced wank imo.

      Screw paying $450 when you can get a nice high backed chair from office works for a quarter the price. This is what I use.

      Or this, which is basically the same for $150

        As someone who has used both those chairs and now bought an overpriced DXRacer, there is a huge difference.

        First chair i had was an executive high back which whilst it was comfortable the cushion on it was gone after about 3 months of heavy use (I only weigh 65kg). took about 8 months for all the PU leather to start falling off (was located on a beach front town, may of had something to do with all the salt in the air or some wank)

        I had about the same experience with the bathurst from office works. Bought a DXRacer near the start of year and its honestly worth the money if your spending a large amount of time at your computer, incredibly comfortable and the leather isn't even showing any signs of wanting to start peeling away.

    I guess I'd have to try one to understand the hype. Seems like to be a YouTube letsplay broadcaster, these chairs are a must. I just have a basic high backed chair I've had for years. It's due for an update but I think I'd spend my money on an ergonomic chair... Then again, I don't use my PC for gaming. My lounge is my gaming chair 😀

    Well i use DXracer and really love it and its great quality. Should have got the bigger and wider version for it though.

      I believe they do have a bigger and wider version, I believe it falls under the King series of chairs from them.

    So, how long does it take to put together a gaming chair?

    (Can't watch videos on mobile)

    im using something similar to this.

    i usually sit on the end cushion then lay the middle back rest cushion down next to me as an armrest/mouse pad then keyboard on lap, or depending on the game, lay down and use xbox 360 controller. been working well for this winter.

    That chair looks like a person with their arms behind their head.

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    this whole article feels like they did it to claim the chairs on tax as a work expense

    Yeah can't work out what the racing car inspired bits are for. Best thing to do, if possible, is to arrange your space so that you can lie down/recline. Literally all the comfortables, and you become much less susceptible to shitty, shitty backache, of which sitting is the main cause.

    Owned a PU faux leatherette racing-style computer chair, that faux stuff fell apart and started to peel that stuff is terrible...

    Bought a $349 Markus chair from Ikea, leather seat with a mesh fabric back.

      Yeah, I got one of those too, but went with the cloth model. Very good in Brisbane summer, comfy as you need, and a 10 year warranty.

      I haven't fallen out of it once.

    Been using a wooden dining chair for the last 4 years, finally found a gaming chair i like, went with the DX racer KS06... soo damn good took about 40 minutes to assemble.

    I used to use cheap office chairs, but recently splashed out on a Vertagear SL4000. Best chair I've ever had, period.

    Got one from IKEA that I use. This interests me though. Would take months of saving my allowance though.

    Also @alexwalker is uncomfortably good with that knife.

      I was wondering when someone was going to mention that!

        So is it all the box opening you get to do as part of the job, or is there a new hero in town to replace Porridge Man?

    I have a large well padded office chair that I procured for free from the surgery of a retired doctor friend of the family (the surgery was getting demolished). It's beaten and battered from years of everyday use but otherwise perfectly functional and certainly comfy enough. I've had it a year or two but only now is the gas lift finally giving up; in the last month or so, every couple of days, I'll suddenly start sinking in my chair and before I know it I'm practically underneath my desk. If I had the money right now to sink into a brand new gaming chair I would, but I don't (I nearly bought a DXRacer a few months ago before sinking that money into a GTX 1060 instead) so I'm investigating cheaper options around $150-200.

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