Infinite Warfare Multiplayer Isn't New, But It's Still A Good Time

Video: Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare hasn't particularly had my interest but after playing a weekend of its multiplayer, I'm impressed. Running around as a machine gun armed robo-soldier was a damn good time. I don't know if Infinite Warfare dazzles the same way that larger scale shooters like Titanfall 2 or Battlefield 1 do but the game's fundamentals are so strong that I kept returning to the multiplayer beta for long stretches. It is confident, sticking to a tried and true format that I found incredibly easy to approach.

There's a lot more customisation here too. A crafting system lets you upgrade your favourite guns with extra perks and power ups. You're able to tightly tailor your loadout for your play style and preferences.

The gameplay is fast, frantic, and even if it doesn't reinvent much it definitely held my attention. See you in space, gang! Remember to duck if you see me gunning for you.


    To be honest watching this gameplay and Black Ops 3 I can't even tell the difference. Even for CoD the similarities are staggering. I mean I know they like to stick to their formula but considering the amount of post-launch content they release I expected a lot more of an upgrade.

    Can't really use CoD and new in the same sentence. Nothing has been new in this franchise for over 10 years. And don't tell me a campaign you can complete in under 3 hours is new.

    Jump on the CoD hate bandwagon!

    I was watching some of this the other day, I had to stop it and double check I had the right video, I thought i was just watching Black Ops. It looked like an expansion pack. These guys should really take a year or two and reinvent the wheel. Sure the old one rolls along and does it job but it all just feels stale.

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