It's Going To Be Heartbreaking When This Kid Has To Cut Open His Adorable Tauntaun Costume

Video: Clint Case apparently has aspirations of winning father of the year for 2016, and he just might clinch the title with this brilliant homemade Tauntaun Halloween costume he crafted for his son. This kid's gonna rake in a ton of sweets on Halloween night, but it's going to be a real tragedy when he has to cut that Tauntaun open and crawl inside to stay warm.

We're hoping Clint and his wife dress up like Han Solo and Chewbacca, in the characters' Empire Strikes Back Hoth garb, to accompany their son while he heads out to look for signs of an Imperial probe in addition to unguarded lolly bowls.

[YouTube via Likecool]


    Hopefully there's a way to go to the toilet in that thing or it really will end up smelling worse on the inside.

    Did anyone else notice the dude with no pants on who appears to be also scratching his balls. Top left hand side for anyone who was wondering...

      Huh? It's obviously a female, she has shorts on and at no point does she do anything that would resemble someone scratching their balls..

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