Japan’s Prize-Winning Overwatch Fan Art 

Japan’s Prize-Winning Overwatch Fan Art 

Like as in there was a contest and everything.  [Images: nakkan | Hijiki_DaiXt | rabittohoppa]

Kotaku previously reported how Overwatch spawned cool fan art in Japan. And today, we get a good look at some more.  

Game publication Famitsu teamed up with Blizzard for an Overwatch fan art competition, with the two grand prize winners getting the Overwatch Collector’s Edition. 

Here are those top two winners:

Blizzard is quoted as saying, “Wonderful ensemble image. Fun takes on the heroes, bold colours. Everything we love.”

“Love this shot of Tracer,” said Blizzard. “Very unique, dramatic composition and strong rendering.”

And here are the other winners who got T-shirts and key holders:

Check out more art on Famitsu.