Kotaku's Static Podcast: Is It Legal For Elon Musk To Send Us To Mars?

Image: Gizmodo

Rediscovering the joy in videogames, is it legal for Elon Musk to send us to Mars, Virtual Reality hits mainstream and we answer your question: what is your useless superpower?

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Host Rae Johnston is joined by Kotaku Australia's Mark Serrels, Lifehacker Australia's Hayley Williams and Gizmodo Australia's Amanda Yeo.

As always, a big thanks to The X Studio.

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    I have a similar thing to Rae, with my right arm if I reach over to the left my elbow can pop past my head. Really good for reaching the middle of my back :P But can't do it with my left. And I can do the top finger joint thing like Amanda, though trying it now can't bend them as far as I used to as a teenager.

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