League Of Legends ‘Practise Tool’ To Feature Infinite Gold, Cooldown Resets And Level Locking

League Of Legends ‘Practise Tool’ To Feature Infinite Gold, Cooldown Resets And Level Locking

Riot’s “practise tool” for League of Legends has had an interesting history. First, it was announced. Then, it was axed. This was followed by a resurrection after the developer admitted the previous decision was a little short-sighted. And now, it’s been nixed again! No, I’m only joking — it’ll actually let you break the game in fun and fantastic ways to help you refine your skills as a pro laner, jungler or cannon fodder.

As you may know, League of Legends already features as single-player mode / co-op mode, where players can face off against bots and curate their abilities for the “real” online game, so to speak. Riot deemed this an insufficient way for players, new or old, to go about things.

The developer recognised players want to practise specific skills, or replicate certain situations, which is pretty impossible when going through a regular game. And so, the idea of a dedicated Practise Tool was born.

Here’s Riot’s explanation of its goals with the PT:

Our initial approach with a practice tool is going to be low-scope, simple, and straightforward — close to a punching bag and weights for practicing execution. We are doing our best to make this tool inclusive to people at every level. Everyone from Bronze to Challenger should see value in a single-player training mode to practice mechanics and map movement, but we’re currently not looking to develop a multiplayer training tool for organized team drills or pro-play specifically.

To this end, the tool will feature the following buttons:

  • Infinite Gold
  • Reset your Cooldowns
  • Lock your level
  • Freeze minion spawns

Riot states this isn’t the final list and more capabilities will be added, though these look like a good place to start. It’s still prototyping, with no mention right now of a public testing phase or release date, though it does mention it’ll be “paying close attention” for missing features once it is available.

Road to Pre-Season: Practice Tool in the Works [Riot]


  • Funny, a year ago when questioned about it they seemed to suggest it was something they’d never do.

    The second is that players want to practice very specific skills without the constraints of a regular game. For this point, our stance is that sandbox mode is not the way to go. We want to make sure we’re clear: playing games of League of Legends should be the unequivocal best way for a player to improve. While there are very real skills one can develop in a hyperbolic time chamber, we never want that to be an expectation added onto an already high barrier to entry.

  • It’s not like Dota has had this function for a while…

    … oh wait.

    I wonder if they’ll replicate Dota in that you can use the sandbox mode while you’re queuing for games. It’s pretty handy for warming up, trying out different cosmetics to see how they look in-game, or just generally screwing around while you wait.

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