Like The Rest Of The Internet, PSN Has Been Struggling

Half the internet was been unreliable yesterday as the result of what seems to be a major attack by unknown parties. Adding to that list of annoying outages is PSN, given that many users were reporting issues with it.

If you had trouble connecting a PlayStation console to PSN, you are not alone. PSN-related complaints piled up on social media:

According to the PSN Network Status Service, everything from account management to the PlayStation Store were experiencing problems on the PS4, PS4, and PS Vita. Testing out our own PS4, the console informed us that it was "currently undergoing maintenance". (PSN was not actually scheduled for maintenance, however.)

Sony seems to be aware of what's going on, based on a Twitter statement:

We reached out directly to Sony about when users could expect a fix, but did not hear back in time for publication. It's not clear whether the widespread DDoS attacks on a major DNS host that are plaguing the internet are related to the PSN issues.

Update 5:02 PM: Sony's statement:

"We are aware that users are having issues accessing our network and are currently investigating."


    So PSN gets attacked and gamers respond like it was sony's actual fault? Righto then.

      That's because allot of gamers on these consoles have very limited knowledge of how the internet actually works. In saying that Sony probably should have had a backup DNS server they could switch to in times like this (maybe that got attacked as well...)

      Last edited 23/10/16 9:24 am

        I still assume that as Sony's paying customers have handed over money for a service that is not available they will be extending PSN subscriptions?

    The English language is also a "was been" apparently.

      Editor was been unreliable in article yesterday.

    I haven't experienced any internet connection problems, personally. But, I am an Xbox user.

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