Look At This Shiba Inu Game

Look At This Shiba Inu Game

Year of the Dog is a slice-of-life game about owning a Shiba Inu in San Francisco, and it looks wonderful.

Seriously, look at these GIFs showcasing moments and gameplay, courtesy of developer @keanerie:

So idyllic~

Even the glitches look hilarious:

Some features listed on the Year of the Dog’s official website:

-12 interactive vignettes of dog ownership: Meet a furry friend, learn how to take care of him , and learn something about yourself

-Camera mode and photo album to capture and store all your memories

-Explore recreations of sections of San Francisco’s Outer Richmond district with your pal: locales like Sutro Baths, Land’s End, and more

-Encounter and get to know a neighbourhood’s local characters: other dogs, other dog owners, and the local weirdos

-Minigame interludes between chapters provide fun asides and may even put you in the shoes (paws?) of the dog himself

-The story is structured an epistolary novel, following the emails between you and your partner overseas (who’s very concerned about how well you’re taking care of their dog)

-As you play, the emails to your partner are dynamically generated based on choices you made, leaving a unique record for each playthrough recounting details both banal (where the dog peed or pooped) and meaningful

-Learn what it’s like to own one of these bratdogs – those interested in getting a Shiba may consider this game’s contents as a warning