The Secret Ingredient In This Cosplay BioShock Syringe Is Hair Gel

When it comes to crafting your own props, be they for the perfect cosplay or a costume party, it really comes down to the details. It's amazing what you can get away with by adding a flashing light or a bit of metallic paint — what was once fairly static is suddenly given a life of its own. Which is exactly what artist Sarah Hendo shows in this DIY prop shop video.

The prop in question for this clip, which can be found on the YouTube channel AWE me, is one of the Little Sister syringes from BioShock.

Now, you could go the simple route and just plastic it up, but Hendo goes a few steps further by adding an LED and hair gel (yes, the stuff you style your do with) to give it a more authentic touch. The trickiest component you're going to have to get your hands on is a fuel pump, though as Hendo suggests, PVC piping or a staple gun will make do in a pinch.

And here's the end result.

Image: AWE me

I'm not 100 per cent sold on the nipple, but I don't have a lot of experience with them. Interpret that however you want.

Bioshock Syringe - DIY PROP SHOP [YouTube]


    Using hair gell is pretty smart. In some conventions they dont allow sharp/ pointy weapons made of plastic.

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