My Summer Car, As Told By Steam Reviews

My Summer Car might sound like a game about the fine art of crafting jank-arse automobiles, and to an extent, it is. But it's also an open-world conduit for stories. Many of those stories involve beer and pee. My Summer Car is far more than just a car game. As I discovered while playing it (and learning some valuable life lessons) for a few hours, it's an open-world permadeath survival game where you have to assemble a car from scratch. You can also chug beer, drunkenly swerve down dangerous country roads and pee on everybody you come across. Those things are all related, somehow.

Players are enjoying it despite the fact that shockingly few of them are named Frankie Jawline, Certified Auto Mechanic. They like the intense attention to detail, as well as the satisfaction that comes from finally building a damn car after, like, three hours of rage-inducing trial-and-error. And yeah, they also enjoy drinking and peeing on people. I mean, who doesn't?


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