Namco's Schoolgirl VR Game Gets Inevitable Erotic Game Knock Off

Of course it did.

[Image: Illusion]

In Namco's PlayStation VR title Summer Lesson, you interact with a schoolgirl as her summer tutor. The 12-years-old-and-up rated title is not an adults-only game. VR Kanojo, however, is. 

The folks at adult PC game company Illusion are releasing a VR demo called VR Kanojo (VR Girlfriend) that looks kinda like Summer Lesson, but with freakishly big hands.

[Image: Illusion]


To see how they compare, here is Summer Lesson.

And here is VR Kanojo.

VR Kanojo even has Summer Lesson's head shaking mechanic

Besides the obvious gap in graphics and hand size, the important difference is that VR Kanojo will have adults-only content. Oh, there's one more key difference: VR Kanojo is for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Noted!

VR Kanojo will be released in January 2017, while Summer Lesson was released today in Japan. 


    I'm guessing VR Kanojo is just an updated VR version/sequel of a previous title that had the same head nod/shake mechanic utilizing a webcam which was just called Real Girlfriend. Illusion kinda came up with it first. No doubt though the Namco game is of better production quality

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