Nerdcore Scene Fires Back At That Troll Alex Trebek

Top troll Alex Trebek recently spent a few seconds of Jeopardy dismissing nerdy, game-loving, sci-fan-reading fans of nerdcore hip-hop as “losers.” Naturally, he didn’t get the last word.

Up top, we’ve got nerdcore rapper Mega Ran — whose music is usually drenched in video game references — with a finely argued dis track about Trebek.

Below, his concert-goers in Atlanta last night, telling Trebek to suck it.

And here’s Ran’s fellow Nerdcore rapper MC Chris:

Mega Ran began his anti-Trebek rap by saying he chuckled at what Trebek said. It doesn’t sound like he’s all that hurt, because, really, it’s not like Trebek’s taste in music or declaration of one’s status in the game show of real life matters.

It’s unclear if this feud would be better or worse if Trebek replied with a few bars of his own.


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