New River City Ransom Password Discovered After 27 Years

New River City Ransom Password Discovered After 27 Years

River City Ransom has a pretty intense password system. With so many symbols and combinations, it’s not surprising that players might have missed a password or two. One of those hidden passwords was recently found.

The process is pretty intense but YouTuber Bisqwit did some serious code cracking to find a lost password that turns the player into an absolute powerhouse. You can see the entire breakdown in the video above.

A major factor in what made this password so elusive is that it is the only known password where spaces are valid characters. Through examining the game’s code, Bisqwit discovered the following password:

The password grants beefed up stats including a boost to a hidden stat that increases combo speed, gives maximum money and all technique books. If you’re looking to instantly kick arse up and down River City, this is the code for you!

The structure of the password corresponds to the structure of the Japanese input screen where passwords take a five-seven-five Haiku pattern. This formatting might also have contributed to the password’s long lost nature. It doesn’t match up to the expanded 33 letter password system that is used throughout the rest of the game.

If you’re curious to see how Bisqwit broke down the game’s code, I highly recommend watching his video in full. It’s impressive stuff, particularly considering that he’d never even played the game before digging around and finding this godlike password!


    • I always remembered this as River City Ransom on the NES (back when you could hire them out at Video Ezy)

      Always preferred this to Double Dragon on the NES 🙂

      * Just looking this up, it was called Street Gangs, changed to River City Ransom and changed back to Street Gangs in PAL for some reason HAHA.

      • I don’t know where you looked that up, but the original name was Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari and then it was released in North America as River City Ransom and in PAL territories as Street Gangs.

  • I remember Populous on the Master System boasted 5000 levels. Thankfully, the level names that also served as passwords used a limited set of syllables to create pronounceable words, which made them much easier to guess to avoid having to play them all.

    I wonder if anyone ever bothered to play through them all in order…

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