Nintendo Customers In The 90s Were Super Weird

This video was made in 1991, but it feels like it comes from another dimension.

It's an instructional video, made by Nintendo, to help retail staff deal with customers when selling Nintendo consoles.

It's unreal.

The soft focus, the haircuts, the music. Plenty of you whippersnappers reading this most likely weren't even born when this was made, but I was very much born. I would have been nine or 10 around this time. I actually find it strange to believe I existed in a world that looked like this.

Anyway, this video is flat out hilarious. From the customer that wants to bake the store clerk a pie, to the guy who wants to return a NES covered in mud — this is video is a goddamn time machine to another world.

This is video game history.


    Jesus the Gameboy was huge, even in Dr Phlox's hands.

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    That actually looks like a great system for handling customer return issues.

    It's a thorough video and really good. HOWEVER the controller issue with the nice customer was a faulty method. It should've encouraged them to:

    a.) Take out the NES system itself and plug the controller in.
    b.) Test both controllers in both ports to ensure
    ------a.) Both controllers are working
    ------b.) Both ports are working
    c.) Test controllers on another system to ensure controllers definitely aren't faulty.

    By doing this you've eliminated all possible issues. It could simply be the port itself, not the controller, which testing the controller simply on another machine won't pick up. But this being said, this is an excellent, very informative video I'd have no trouble with showing to employees in the game industry (it could be easily adapted with the same theoretical standards across the board to other consoles etc).

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    "I'm having a little problem with... err.... my kids are having a little problem with the Nintendo system [/goofy smile]"

    Wow. Unreal alright.

    This is a terrific find, Mark. I thoroughly enjoyed that video.

    Considering I was forced to watch 1920's sex-ed videos in highschool, is this video used to train new EB Games employees today?

    Hahaha loved the cheeky " in many cases, the customer simply failed to follow the simple instructions..."

    Sony customer support need to have a good hard look at this video

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