Nintendo Will Debut The NX Tomorrow Morning

Nintendo Will Debut The NX Tomorrow Morning

Tomorrow morning (October 21) at 1:00AM AEDT, Nintendo will release the first trailer for the NX, its next console.

Exciting times!

We’ve heard reports that the NX is a small, portable console with detachable controllers, which you can either use on the road or plugged into a TV via a dock.

Guess we don’t have long to wait to find out how much of that checks out!

For those worried it was going to be a quick flash and a tease, Nintendo say it will be a three-minute video:


  • I didn’t think we’d hear anything until Pokemon Sun and Moon were released.

    Very keen to watch this. I wonder if they’ll call it a Nintendo Direct.

  • I hope its something I personally find interesting. Wii U Wii U Wii U was a step in the right direction but the library didn’t fulfill my shit taste.

      • While I do agree with that, there is still a little bit of magic when it comes to a new Nintendo console. I grew up with Nintendo and would love a reason to go back…Just give me Mario, Zelda and F-Zero and that will keep me going for a while.

          • Mine is quite different, just curious, how old are you? For me, I was born in 1979, so I got an NES when I was quite young and then my brother and I went halvies for the SNES. The SNES for me still remains and the most memorable Nintendo purchase. I also had high excitement for the N64 (which I pre-ordered) and I would say, in terms of ‘excitement’, the Gamecube wins. I pre-ordered, and went to the midnight launch. I remember playing the pre-order preview disk over and over. Oh, and Eternal Darkness, man I loved that game.

            I did love my Wii, but whether or not my age had anything to do with it, it just didn’t wow me like the previous Nintendo consoles.

            I passed on the Wii U. Apart from the Virtual Boy, it’s the first Ninty console I’ve missed. I’m excited to see what they have for us next.

  • Better late than never I guess.

    Really though – they missed a huge opportunity when Pokémon Go was majorly hype – to discount Wii U , move a ton of units to families who were suddenly interested in having a Nintendo console centre of the lounge room again – and ease them into the Nintendo ecosystem.

    I love my Wii U. Don’t play I as often as I should – but there’s half a dozen or more absolutely top shelf exclusives, that define what a family home console should be about. It’s incredibly hard to recommend to people as a first (or second) console though when it’s still more expensive than an XBO or PS4. You can practically even buy a new PS3 AND X360 for less than the cost of a Wii U – probably buy a 3DS for the same once you’ve factored in the essential (for multiplayer family fun) cost of a Wii remote/Pro Controller.

    I love Nintendo – but crikey they make it hard for themselves sometimes.

    • Yes, Nintendo doesn’t believe in loss-leader sales philosophy. Frustrating for someone who wants a Wii U just for one or two exclusives.

    • I have a PS4 but I have found it lacks for games to play with my 2 and 4 year old. I have taken to hooking my laptop up as I can grab steam games that are more appropriate. I was contemplating a wii u for xmas so I could get those games that the little kids can enjoy playing with me….plus mario for me.

      • My kids were that age when I got a Wii U and it was awesome. My 3 year old daughter loves playing as Princess Peach in various games. Backwards compatibility was also great to the loads of Wii games aimed at kids too.

        Bayonetta 2 is superb.


    Although due to previous disappointment with Nintendo reveals I won’t be getting up at 1am to watch it, I’ll just get up a little earlier than normal.

    • Thanking you, sir! Not that it would have been difficult to work out but it’s always nice when your question is answered before making it to the bottom of the comments.

      I am pretty excited about this thing, given I’ve been doing a lot more gaming on portables these days, so something that is a bit of home console and a bit of portable sounds pretty tasty.

  • so excited for this! firstly i think the focus on 4k from current gen consoles isn’t ready yet.. i know very few ppl with a 4k tv (or monitor for that matter).

  • Exciting times. I love my Wii U (and 3DS too for that matter). I hope it brings the best of both worlds together.

    Monster Hunter 5 and a mainline Pokemon game on the TV would be ace.

  • And here I was with friends just discussing the lack of information on it last night. I was hoping they were going for a kind of inverse hype thing, letting us know nothing til it was right on top of us. Dang 😛

    • Well the hardest part about that is closer to release the more it leaks… if anything the speculation and endless teasers add more to the hype the the actual release of details and demo units. That said 5 months till release us a small window considering Microsoft and Sony realease details of consoles years before while they are still on the drawing board and given make believe technical specs.

      That said if the rumors are on target and the stats and details aresolid, preorders will be insane

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    Ok, I’m not going to get over-excited.


  • I’m going to be overly cautious and pessimistic up until the point in the video where they announce a new Metroid…then all will be forgiven.

  • So tonight one monitor on Nintendo and the other on Obe1’s live stream to see if he spontaneously combusts

  • Excite ++.

    Nintendo have had innovative hits and misses over the years but they are the one console maker I still look forward to new releases for.

    • Didn’t you know that about Mario? Why else does he hang out with Princess Peach all the time. I mean, besides for the cake.

    • On the internet.

      (presumably they’ll link it on all their main sites, and probably tweet it too)

  • Yesssssssssssssssss!!
    After expecting this announcement in early SEPTEMBER, every day has made the disappointment sting just that bit more. About freaking time, Nintendo!!

    I can’t wait to see the machine, but more than anything I want to see some GAMES!
    What will we see tonight? Beyond Good & Evil 2? Mario Galaxy 3? Splatoon 2? Or – even better – something completely new??

    8 hours & counting…

  • Let’s not get too carried away peeps. There’s only so much information they can squeeze into a 3 minute reveal. The rest will be left for us to fret over for weeks to come….!

  • I’m excited, the Wii U was the first ever Nintendo Console I skipped because how disappointed I was with the Wii. Here’s hoping they wow me enough to make me purchase the NX & bring me back to the Nintendo train 🙂

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