Now Is A Good Time To Buy Cheap PlayStation Move Controllers

Now Is A Good Time To Buy Cheap PlayStation Move Controllers

PlayStation VR is out in Australia tomorrow and I am a big fan. It’s a cost effective VR solution that will almost certainly have the best suite of VR games and software over the next few years.

That being said, you’re probably going to need some PlayStation Move controllers.

You could pay $119.95 for the two brand new controllers, released specifically for PlayStation VR…

Or you could pick up some second hand controllers for $13.50.

Right now EB Games is selling out its stock of used PlayStation Move controllers for the ridiculous price of $13.50 each. Meaning you could get the same set for $27. I recommend this.

There’s a couple of issues. First off, the deal is store pick up only — meaning you can purchase them online, but EB Games won’t send them out. You’ll have to order from the store and physically head over to get them. The good news: it seems like a lot of stores have them in stock, at least at time of writing.

The other problem might be the ability of the older Move controllers to hold a charge, particularly given they’re second hand. Most likely this won’t be too much of a problem, but it’s worth being aware of.

Regardless, it’s a good solution if you’re picking up PlayStation VR this week.


  • Yup it’s been like this ever since the VR was announced, they seem to have pulled the page on that day.

    edit: I also have the new ones on preorder anyways….

  • It’s all sold out now i believe. It was there last night. Was extremely gutted because i just ordered one from MightyApe last week for 50 bucks. Meh.

  • Heheh, I already have 2 and the navigational controller. Then again, I have a few games that used PS Move, like Under Siege, Carnival Island, Wonderbook Book of Spells, Racket Sports, SingStar Dance, Beat Sketcher etc. Fired up the Moves the other day and they seem to work fine. Now I just need the PSVR… hmmm…

  • Is PSVR out tomorrow? Because I pre-ordered from JB Hifi back in March and haven’t heard a thing from them about tomorrow. I even rang JB Hifi Bankstown last week and they said they still didn’t have an official release from Sony! Both EB and Gamesmen say Oct 13th but Big W and JB still don’t have a release date on their website. Any ideas peeps?

    • Yes out tomorrow, there is apparently limited stock though, so who knows if you’re getting it tomorrow at JB!

    • My JB online order is marked as shipped, but no tracking number sent yet. I’m pretty hopeful it’ll be delivered tomorrow, most likely before I receive the tracking number.

      Try ringing your JB store now. They’ll know a lot more now than they did last week.

    • Maybe they meant they didnt know when they would have available stock to sell off the shelves? 100% the VR unit is out tomorrow. JB send their reminder texts the morning of release, so if your preorder was for the first shipment, you should get a message from them tomorrow!

    • Yeah i’m the same… ordered well before they said their first shipment was gone (like… in the first hour or two) and haven’t heard a peep since the confirmation email.

      Was for store pickup but yeah, little concerned.

  • I still have my originals from the first release on PS3. I hope they still hold a charge, it’s been years since I last used them. Going to charge and test them tonight.

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