NVIDIA Offers Dead By Daylight Codes As GeForce Experience Incentive

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NVIDIA owners will have noticed that GeForce Experience has undergone a bit of an overhaul of late. It hasn't been immediately adopted by everyone, mind you, so the GPU manufacturer is trying something else: offering free keys for spoopy indie games.

In a release sent out to the media, NVIDIA announced it was giving away more than $260,000 worth of codes for Dead by Daylight. If you've not seen it on Twitch or YouTube before, Dead By Daylight is a 1v4 horror game from the makers of PAYDAY 2. It's not too dissimilar from Evolve, except the Monster this time is more like Freddy Kruger and the players more like cannon fodder.

The concept is pretty neat, and the Steam rating over the last 30 days hasn't been too bad. Balancing asymmetrical games is never an easy task, and a quick perusal of the Steam reviews shows that not everyone is happy. But the indie multiplayer game has a steady audience, and getting a giant signal boost from NVIDIA will undoubtedly help.

Of course, there are caveats to the offer.

The free keys will only be given out to those who sign up to GeForce Experience 3.0 — people who sign up for an NVIDIA account, in other words. Mandatory registration has been on the cards for NVIDIA's middleware for a while, and it seems like the GPU maker has landed on widescale giveaways as the most effective incentive to convert people.

The other trick is that keys will be given away at random. Considering that literally any NVIDIA owner over the past few generations can install and login to GFE 3.0, that's a fairly large pool of potential winners.

But 10,000 keys (or $US200,000 divided by the game's price, $US20) for an indie title is a nice move. It's also interesting to see a major GPU manufacturer dip its toe further into the indie scene rather than giving away, say, an ageing AAA game.


    "spoopy" indy games? So spooky you shit yourself?


    I did the upgrade a few weeks ago, not realising that it was going to be a complete overhaul of the Geforce experience app. Not only is the new Shadowplay functionality actually less useful than the old, but it no longer seems to capture Doom at all.

    Worse, the new version requires you to log in to some kind of account system, and completely locks you out of all its functionality (including driver updates!) if you don't.

    It's a straight up disaster and I can't stress enough how important it is to hold on to the older version if you can. If I'd known at the time what I was in for, I wouldn't have upgraded at all.

      Must have been on the new GE as Ive never been able to record Doom since it came out

        I commented on that below, but the reason is because it's running OpenGL. There are workarounds.

          Yeah, I figured that was the reason (nice to see id software still being id software), hence didnt think much more about it other than "ill deal with it later"

      Nvidia announced the need to have an account to log in to ages ago. Nothing really new there

        it is for people that just want to update their drivers every so often and dont care about all the bells and whistles of the 'experience'

          That's like complaining that a high end smart phone is too expensive when all you want to do is make calls. If all you want to do is update your driver, you can do that without GFE. GFE is there for people who want to auto-optimise game settings and access Nvidia's recording and live streaming features.

      Doom is an OpenGL game, Shadowplay is a DirectX recorder. It has nothing to do with the new or old GFE, it won't record OpenGL unless you do borderless window mode and record the desktop instead.

      You don't need GFE to download drivers, nor is it at all difficult to make a throwaway email address to register an account if you're that concerned with privacy. The account is needed for the integrated broadcast and streaming features since it needs to be able to identify you for Nvidia streaming, and needs to store account details for YouTube and Twitch broadcasting.

        You say that, but I was absolutely able to record Doom with the old Shadowplay, and I haven't been able to with the new one.

        Sure, you don't need GFE to download drivers, but you do need it if you want to use Shadowplay.

        You never needed an account for the integrated streaming features in the old version of Shadowplay, either.

          Streaming wasn't in the old version, it's new in the new GFE.

    The new Geforce Experience is terrible. The layout for the games section is better than before, but everything else is just odd. Shadowplay is now hidden behind a button-prompt that brings up an intrusive overlay, especially considering the original trigger for it was a keybind I had in WoW and confused me for a good solid few minutes as to what was going on.
    And that isn't even the worst of it. This Geforce Experience is meant to be improved? But how can that be when you REMOVE FUNCTIONALITY? Where the heck is the LED Visualizor? It was there before and now gone. I had to download a separate program off your site made because of all the people complaining, which in itself is stupid (why is it separate?).

      You're being a bit precious.

      First, Shadowplay isn't hidden, it's available from the overlay where everything else in-game is available from, and by keyboard shortcut so you never have to open the overlay if you don't want to, just like before. It's ridiculous to expect them to find a key combination that literally no other program uses, you're going to get a conflict with something no matter what you choose. Just rebind the key in the settings, it's trivially easy.

      Second, the software is still in development. They plan to add the LED visualisation feature to the new version but evidently other tasks have had higher priority. You can still control it with a separate tool in the meantime, with all of the inconvenience of having to do a one-off install.

      If those two things rate as 'terrible' by your standards, I'm glad I don't have standards as ludicrously high.

      Last edited 11/10/16 11:09 pm

        In all honesty, yes, I over-reacted in my previous post. But I would definitely recommend to people that haven't upgraded to not do so without knowing what changes have occurred. For it to screw up on installation so as to require me to perform a fresh install of all Nvidia drivers, then find out it removed the Visualiser, causing my components to not light up (my officail Nvidia SLI-bridge only lights up when set to 0% brightness), and then lastly, to cause confusion with the new way Shadowplay works as there weren't any notes I saw informing me of the change. It caused confusion & frustration that I haven't had for a product in a long while.
        Some of these things are trivial and can be dealt with easily enough, but my first-impression was far from pleasant. This could've been dealt with if during installation it showed what was changed with either text or visuals, but no. Installation just displayed a large advertisement for "Get Gears of War for free when you purchase a new Nvidia card!".

    Literally none of the killers are like Freddy Krueger

    Just registered and now I'm waiting for the game so I can uninstall.

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