Oculus Starts Offering Refunds To Galaxy Note7 Users

Oculus Starts Offering Refunds To Galaxy Note7 Users
Image: Kotaku

In the wake of Samsung’s throttling of the Galaxy Note7 for good last night, Oculus has followed suit by removing all support for the Note7 from their mobile-powered Gear VR and offering refunds to affected users.

An update was posted recently on Oculus’s Gear VR page saying that support for all Note7 devices has been removed from the Oculus platform. It’s understandable — if it’s not a good idea to keep a phone around that might literally catch fire, it’s probably not a good idea to strap it to your face.

Image: Oculus

And given that Samsung themselves have stopped making the phone altogether, it’s understandable that Oculus wouldn’t leave things there. Early this morning, an email was sent to users saying they can refund any purchases bought for a Galaxy Note7 device, as one reader informed us this morning.

Let’s call it like it is: this is an unmitigated disaster. Credit to Oculus though, for doing their part to make the life of early adopters a little easier (and less hazardous).


  • The missus and I both had Samsung galaxy S3’s and both of our batteries swelled to such an extent that the back cover of our phones would pop off. Contacted them to ask about a replacement, they said that they never heard of such a problem. I reminded them that we are living in the information age and there were thousands of posts by customers with similar problems, who had got their batteries replaced by Samsung. Anyway eventually I wrote an email to them saying that I was concerned about my safety if continued using the phone. They told me to switch off my phone and they would send me a replacement battery. Which never arrived, and follow up emails where never replied to. Anyhoo, the point of all of this is that battery issues are nothing new for Samsung, it’s been going on for a while…

    • Battery issues happen with all phones or devices should they be mistreat. I had a Z3 last year that exploded, reason was because I took it in the water but forgot I had cracked the casing earlier when I dropped it.

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