Oculus Touch Is Under $290 For Australians With Free Shipping

Regular readers might have noticed that Oculus finally lifted the lid on their long-awaited Touch controllers, announcing not only a pre-order date but a price. Those pre-orders are now available — as is the cost to Australians.

As was the case with the Rift itself, the Touch controllers are a touch more pricey for Australians. It’s not a gargantuan premium though, with Oculus charging $288 ($US219) for the controllers at the time of writing.

You’ll get a second Oculus sensor and a connector for Rock Band VR with the two touch controllers, and you can get free shipping right now as well. The Oculus Blog site notes that shipping costs might apply, but an Oculus employee confirmed on their sub-reddit that “there is no additional fee for shipping for accessories”.

You’ll still have to pay shipping if you want to order the Rift and Touch controllers as a bundle, of course. That bundle will set you back a flat $US1000 (~$1319) including shipping and other fees. That’s marginally less than what a Vive will cost you right now ($US1019, or $1344 with shipping and taxes), but probably not enough to influence people one way or another.

To those who bought into VR earlier this year: how are you finding the tech and the games that came with it?

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