One-Punch Man Sex Game Gets Discounts Right

One-Punch Man Sex Game Gets Discounts Right

I always felt that One-Punch Man's Saitama and his cyborg student Genos were bound by something stronger than fighting together. What I didn't consider is that it's a threesome with one of One-Punch Man's goofiest villains. Deep Discount

New PC title Deep Discount: Coupon Crisis! is a very NSFW sex game about Saitama's love affair with Genos (predictably) and (unpredictably) Saitama's eternal rival, Speed-O'-Sound Sonic. It made me scream, and that's just from its prose. Deep Discount is a total riot for One-Punch Man fans who love inside jokes, even with minimal gameplay and a 20-minute-long run time.

"There are a lot of attractive characters in OPM," developer Kasey Van Hise told me, "and it only seemed right to get Saitama laid."

One-Punch Man Sex Game Gets Discounts Right

Deep Discount Deep Discount opens strong with the most important thing in Saitama's life: a discount at the grocery store. In episode 3 of One-Punch Man, Saitama is fist-to-fist with monster enemy Carnage Kabuto, who is in full-on Carnage Mode, when the invincible hero realises that it is Saturday. Saturday is discount day at the supermarket. Rightfully, Saitama goes berserk, fearing he'd miss out on the deals:

Deep Discount riffs on that moment, beginning with a slow Saturday at Saitama's dinky little apartment, where Genos is a houseguest. It heats up when they get to the grocery store with their 75% off coupon for Kobe beef. Reaching for the beef, Saitama's hand meets another's: Sonic's. In contest for the discount Kobe, they begin to fight. After Saitama overwhelms him (no, not like that, yet), he realises that Sonic's bad attitude is just because he's "hangry." So they go back to Saitama's apartment and read manga together while Genos cooks.

"Saitama dreams of meat," the game concludes, after a wildly raunchy threesome. Even a seasoned sex game veteran will blush. I am not that person, and could not click through the sex scene without my hand plastered to my mouth.

One-Punch Man Sex Game Gets Discounts Right

Deep Discount Van Hise came up with the idea for a One-Punch Man sex game at the International Love Ultimatum game jam last year. After falling in love with the hit anime, she noticed an outpouring of fan art and fan fiction around the series. To her, it seemed natural to bring the two together with a fan game. The sex bits, she said, were just an extrapolation from "realistic" character interactions.

"This is my first time dipping my toes into adult content," Van Hise said. "Really, what better place to experiment than in a world you love?"

Deep Discount is great. Dialogue is written faithfully (Yes, Genos calls Saitama "senpai"). The art is phenomenal. It's short and free on Give it a spin, but maybe not at work, where your colleagues can hear you screaming.


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