Overwatch Streamer Becomes Top Ranked Player In North America, Calls His Mum

For a brief, shining moment, Overwatch player Miso snatched the rank most competitive players can only dream of: Number one in the whole dang country. So of course, he called his mum. The moment came after a showdown between Miso and friendly rival Mangachu, a pro player who was ranked number one at the time. After spending the requisite amount of time losing his entire shit, Miso turned to the camera and said, "Hold up. I'm gonna call my mum."

Skip to 8:10:56 0f this clip for the conversation.

"Hey mum, guess what?" he said to her. "I got rank one in Overwatch today, and there are 1600 people watching me do it."

"Neat," she replied curtly.

"They can hear you right now," Miso added.

At that point, it became apparent that his mum either wasn't impressed or didn't fully grasp the situation. Miso jokingly told his viewers the former. "I'm very impressed," said his mum. Then she tried to Facetime him, even though he was on stream, because mums are great.

Eventually, Miso explained what had happened — that he beat the person who was first place before and claimed the rank for himself — and his mum was suitably stoked. "Wooow, really? That's crazy!" she said.

She asked to see a link of it. "You don't want to see Twitch chat," Miso replied. "They're savage."

Ultimately, she said that a "snap picture" of it would suffice. "I love you," said Miso. "Congratulations!" replied his mum. "I love you too."


    Nawwe it's good to see some love in that toxic game.

      you don't play competitive games much? They're all like that.

        I know I'm saying it's toxic, I always try stay positive but people are horrible.

    Gawd, the last person I'd call is my Mum. It'd take 20 minutes to explain what the game is, another 10 mins to explain what being 'top ranked' meant, then I'd get stuck on the phone for a further 45 minutes to be told a whole lot of unsubstantiated gossip about the people from my hometown. That's either going to make for a very entertaining, or very boring stream quite quickly.

    First thing mum would say to me if I told her that would be: and how is hat going to our food on the table for you.

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