Overwatch's Hanzo Looks Like A Lady

Some very cool crossplay here by Rinrin from China. Note that the tattoo isn't real, it's just drawn/painted on to match the design of Hanzo's from the game.

You can see more of Rinrin's cosplay at her Weibo page. Photos by Flow Vision.


    The flask makes it look like she has steel balls in some photo's. Just saying.

    "I look nothing like Hanzo, and the only real link between me and the character is that I have a tatt and a bow, but I'm hot, so that makes it all good."

    Let's get Chris Hemsworth, put a golden headband and cuffs on him, and some red and gold boots and undies and call it a great Wonderwoman cosplay,

    EDIT: My girlfriend just read this over my shoulder and she reckons that WOULD be a great Wonderwoman cosplay.

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