PlayStation VR Is Sold Out In Australia

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Today's the launch day for PlayStation VR, which will be awesome for the select few who pre-ordered the second it was announced. But for those walking into stores this week thinking they might get a taste of virtual reality, I have some bad news for you — you can't.

Unsurprisingly, stock of the PSVR was already sold out before launch day. You can still walk into a retail store and drop $549.95 — or close to $700, if you don't have two Move controllers and a PlayStation camera lying around — but depending on the store, you won't see your headset until November or December.

Here's the PSVR listing for JB Hi-Fi right now:

Image: JB Hi-Fi

The listing might not be up to date, however. JB Hi-Fi confirmed confirmed with us over the phone that their first and second shipments of PSVR was sold out, with the third shipment of headsets due to arrive "early" next year. You might have better luck at your local store, however, so I'd move fast if you want one before Christmas.

As for EB Games, their next shipment won't arrive until sometime in December:

Image: EB Games

EB also confirmed over the phone that they didn't have a specific date, although you'd presume it would be before Christmas.

One Kotaku reader also told us that Big W's first shipment was also sold out, with no word as to when their second shipment would arrive. The launch shipment for The Gamesmen is sold out too, although their website is taking pre-orders for a second round due November.

Target Australia are taking pre-orders in person, although your mileage will vary from store to store. One major Sydney store told me that they had sold out of their first shipment, which wasn't due to arrive until November, and staff hadn't been notified about a second shipment. Another smaller location told me that they were only stocking DRIVECLUB VR, but not PSVR itself and that they weren't taking pre-orders.

Did you get PSVR today? If so, how long ago did you pre-order?


    Local BigW has all the VR games in stock, as does the EB games, but no headsets. EB is telling me December 10th.

    17/03/2016 is the date I preordered mine at EBGames, gave me plenty of time to pay it off ^_^

    Which I think is the day/day after it was announced.

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    Any word on what the initial allotment was? I'm not surprised it sold out (despite the fact I think VR is a bullshit fad that is going to die out very quickly) but I'd be interested to know exactly how many of these they sold.

      Have you ever actually tried it? It's not a fad. It may end up just being relegated to a small subset of pc simulator players (flight, space, racing) but it's here to stay. Just depends on the impact.

        It's a niche product with limited market appeal and a high barrier to entry. The technology has its uses for simulated experiences such as training and simulations, but it's not going to seriously take off in the gaming space.

          Clearly someone have not tried vr and calling it a fad. Trust me once you go VR you won't say no.

          Not to mention psvr is the one of the lowest entry point imo unless you own Samsung phone to use gear vr.

          I'm a rift owner and batch one psvr. I can't wait more titles to be released on psvr.

            Ok champ. I mean, you've led off with an incorrect assumption and are wrong about everything, but I care far too little to have this discussion.

          But have you actually tried it? Until you have you are not qualified to make that statement.

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            I have, so I guess I am?

              Sure you do... I forgot this is the Internet and everyone is my father and everyone have everything.

          To be fair, the same thing was said about disc-based games, VHS, Blu-ray, LCDs, and cell phones.

          Speaking of cell phones, I distinctly remember when PacBell PCS was forced to use door-to-door salesmen because they simply couldn't get people to buy into it.

      Agreed, looking forward to Sony going back into gaming.

      My JB Hifi (Cannington, WA) received 4 units. I preordered way back when it was just announced too.

      Logged in for the first time in 6 months to say: this is not a fad. Haters gonna hate.

      Just play the Resident Evil 7 Demo with it and then tell me this is gonna die out...I guarantee you'll be saying that this is the future of gaming and that all First Person Games need to have VR. I've been playing the Demo since it came out and it was made for VR.

    I ordered mine one week after preorders went up. It's now in transit, estimated delivery 14th.
    Soon after I found out they use an OLED RGB 120Hz display, I knew they weren't going to have enough by launch time.

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      Gah my estimated delivery is the 18th... I'm so pissed off i didnt choose to pick up in store i dont know why i chose bloody delivery!
      Last time i get anything delivered through EB though - I have had delivery from JB and they have used couriers instead of our useless Australia Post!!!

      My tracking says its been sitting in QLD since Monday... I'm in SA, not the US!!!

        Wish we could swap places, I won't be back in Australia until the 20th. On holiday. My only order was done through EB, I guess I got lucky, in a way.
        The headset will get there before me. You will enjoy yours before me.

          Haha thank you you have seriously lessened my bout of FOMO!!!

    People on Whirlpool are finding them in store (Target and Big W) - walk in, no pre-orders.

    So it is doable (as least for the moment).

    I pre-ordered mine on the day of GDC launch details back in March, picked it this morning from EB in Melbourne.

    I pre-ordered mine on the day of GDC launch details back in March, picked it this morning from EB in Melbourne.

    I preordered back in March but was told that I missed out on the first shipment (I think this was the day after the price and date were announced) but they must have gotten more stock than planned because I got mine today.

    EBGames have actually sold out of the second shipment as well as the initial batch - hence why they are showing "3rd shipment." Have had no indication when the second shipment might arrive though - would appreciate any information!

      i heard I was between November 3rd-11th

        Thanks for this. Even a ballpark on the second date is better than what the store clerks are offering. My pre-order came in too late and I'd stuck waiting for second wave.

        on another note. Target Geelong "didn't bother" ordering any units because no one pre-ordered. On;y after the date am I finding out all the places that could have ordered it. I wish these places advertised as much as EB did (Even walking into JB hifi today had no indication PSVR was released).

        Futher. I'd love to know insider knowledge about stock delivery numbers and number of pre-orders. If what I've seen on forums is true my guess (for an average city games store) is 10-20 pre-orders and 5-10 units. I'm surprised with how little the PSVR is being advertised the walk-ins are available, I'd figure ONLY stores with pre-orders would get stock.

          The only store with walk in is BigW and Target. I dont think any EB/JB will have any walk in stock as they have preorders all the way until 3rd shipment now.

          My EB store had 2 pages long of preorders and I was at the top of the list lol. From what I can see there was roughly 10-15 people in batch 1 in my store.

    Sold out indeed.. never mind people have been able to walk into various shops and buy off the shelf.. Target in Roselands NSW for one and Target at Hornsby NSW had some up until early afternoon.

    EDIT: Also the Sony kiosk in Westfield Parramatta NSW have some in stock as at 4pm ADST

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    E-bay has a bunch of listings starting from $700 to $1300.

    I ordered it back in March, when it was announced. That night, EB put up signs on their webpage saying first shipment sold out.
    Sadly, its sitting next to me, still in its box while I work.

      At least it is sitting next to you!!! I stupidly let them deliver mines still in vic and im in sa

        I feel for you there. I never trust post to not be late, broken or both.

          I have no idea why i didnt choose to pickup in store but it was all the way back in march so whatever. Im just a sore loser!!! Haha let me know how you go tonight!

            I only got about half an hour to mess around with it, ended up playing batman because I wanted to try the move controllers. Spent 5 minutes trying to poke alfred for the fun of it, then got into the cave and was impressed.
            Wish I'd thought earlier in the day to turn the ps4 on and do the massive load of updates it wants first though. Still waiting for that demo disk to download so I can try some other games.

    Mate have you even tried VR before dismissing it as a "bullshit fad"? The roomscale games on Vive & Rift are really incredible, a real paradigm shift in what can be done in gaming. For those that say it is too expensive, or that there is not enough content - that is to be expected with any new technology. Price will come down and market saturation will increase, just as it has with phones, VR is still in its infancy and it is not going anywhere.

    Sold out means nothing anymore. You under stock so you can sell out to give the perception of popularity.
    How many units were shipped and sold?

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    got mine today that i orded in March, played a solid 8 hrs today and loved it, eve and job simulator are number 1 games at the moment, with rigs and until dawn just behind

    Pre ordered this the moment it was available.

    However JB have managed to loose my goddamn system. Been charged and allocated a consignment but was never collected.

    Startrack can't help as there's no tracking. JB has said that it was picked up. Nobody will return my calls or offer me any help.

    Very disappointed so far.

      Dude someone nicked it along the way probably someone who didn't want to wait another month or more for one

    I preordered the day after it's release date was announced at EB, first wave was already sold out. About a month later received a text that due to a canceled preorder I was bumped up to day one. Unfortunately had work today but was on the app downloading demos and Batman VR, got a few hours in when I got home. A lot of fun. Batman VR and London Heist were a blast. RIGS made me a little sick, I stupidly decided to try out the flying one and my stomach struggled.

    I ordered mine on september 10th at jbhifi artarmon. The shipment was supposed to arrive on Christmas. They called me at 4 pm today to ask me if i wanted to buy one today. lucky me!! The only problem is that ps moves are out of stock almost everywhere. Anyway i am not planning to use it much until i get ps4pro.

    Preordered mine 17th March. Was told it was second shipment, but was able to pick it up from EB in Canberra this morning. They had sold out of VR units and Move controllers. Pre-order pickup only. Seemed to have plenty of game stock though

    Got mine today - Pre-Order 2 weeks ago at BestBuy.

    Pre-odered June 2016 @ JB in Melbourne CBD. Recieved a voicemail message saying I'd just missed out and that if there were cancellations there's a chance I could get one in a few days. I think that last bit was just to placate people.

    JB saidd the next shipment is 3 November and at that stage there would be enough for walk ins.

    I still haven't tried VR, I might when I'm down at PAX this year.

    I think if we can make decent experiences for it, and not just gimmicky software, it has a future.

    You think you have it bad my delivery kept getting pushed back and then I got bumped back to a later shipment and it won't arrive until December to make it worse it only started changing the date of delivery four days ago

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