Pokemon GO Could Be Getting Daily Quests Soon

Image: Kotaku

Despite chatter otherwise, Pokemon GO is still a bit of A Thing. It's got tens of millions of active users, has earned hundreds of millions in revenue, and it's getting new features every few weeks. And one of the latest ones has just been discovered, thanks to the latest bit of datamining.

Much like how every other feature in Pokemon GO was uncovered prior to release, the daily quests were found after users datamined the hex code behind the latest Android version of the game. Posted on Pokemon GO Hub, there are three types of daily quests, including "First Catch of the Day" and "First PokeStop of the Day".

Here's some of the hardcoded values within Pokemon GO's hex code:


The code, of course, was part of the latest patch which has made it easier for users to catch more ghost Pokemon until Halloween ends. Unfortunately, that also means spawn rates of Zubats and Golbats are higher than usual — which is hardly what any Australian wants to hear, given what the launch week was like.

There's no official announcement as to when the daily quests will be added, and in fairness there hasn't been an official confirmation of the feature either. But given that previous datamined discoveries for Pokemon GO have been on the money, I'd expect to see something patched in this time next week.


    Wow, no "Pokemon Go is still a thing?" and "People still play this" posts? Are people growing up?

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