Pokemon Sun And Moon’s Alolan Dugtrio Has Fabulous Hair

Pokemon Sun And Moon’s Alolan Dugtrio Has Fabulous Hair

Now that the special demo for Pokemon Sun and Moon has dropped for some regions, players are making some incredible discoveries — including what may be the best Alolan form of any Pokemon we’ve seen so far.

Update: According to Vooks, the demo is live on the Australian, Japanese and New Zealand eShops already.

Yes, that’s Dugtrio with blonde hair. I know, I know. It looks fake. My initial reaction was that it must be a Photoshop or something, but as you can see from this footage by @ruiisuD, it’s real. Others are confirming its existence on social media as well.

Maybe it seems random, but think about it: Sun and Moon are tropical games. It makes sense that some monsters might take on more of a surfer-like appearance. Heck, Raichu straight-up air-surfs.

Between this and the ridiculous new Exeggutor, it’s clear that Game Freak is having fun designing the regional variants of Sun and Moon. I love it.

The demo goes live in North America at 1:00 AM Sydney time (10AM ET), midnight in Queensland, 12:30 AM in Adelaide and 10:00 PM in Perth.


  • @alexwalker Can we please not post leaked images or gifs as the lead image for an article? This is considered a spoiler by many, including myself, and would appreciate the chance to discover such things on my own.

    Given the demo has already been data-mined, this issue could potentially only get worse.

    I expect an influx of ‘don’t want to know don’t open the article’ comments, and that is exactly what I intend to do from now on. GIVEN that spoilers aren’t in the lead image. By all means keep posting the articles, but please be considerate of those trying to avoid leaks.

    Thanks mate.

    EDIT: Having now looked at this article properly, given I have already been spoiled, it’s evident that this Pokémon has been found because the player has forwarded the time on their 3DS to a later date, as this is not currently available in the demo. There are timed events that are only accessible on certain days, and thus this person has cheated to find more information. That’s their choice and I hold no ill will against them or Kotaku for posting about it, however I would still have appreciated the chance to decide for myself whether or not to access this information early. The headline is also a spoiler.

    • Hey, I’m gonna jump in and field this one. First off I’m sorry the lead image on this story was something you considered to be a spoiler. As someone who’s not following the Pokemon news too closely I didn’t identify it as a spoiler or a leak myself, so it’s possible our sub-editor didn’t either while bringing the story over from the US.

      While we try to be careful with spoilers and leaks (as we did with the other thread on the Pokemon demo rips), we can’t catch everything, especially when everyone has a different idea of what is and isn’t a spoiler. If you’re particularly worried about being spoiled on a particular game or TV show or movie, honestly the best thing to do is to set up a browser extension that blocks or screens particular keywords.

      • Heyo,

        I totally get things are miss-able and that definitions of spoilers vary from person to person. Thus the lack of ill will 🙂

        I’ve generally had a good experience with spoilers on Kotaku and find the AU staff to be fairly on the money about giving readers fair warning. Just thought I’d bring it to your attention as I was a little disappointed on this occasion.

        I’ll look into the browser extension. Thanks Hayley.

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