Pro Overwatch Player Demolishes Opponent In Three Simple Steps

Pro Overwatch Player Demolishes Opponent In Three Simple Steps

Ana is everybody's favourite Overwatch sniper mum, and what better way to show off those motherly instincts than by telling Genji to gtfo when the ninja pop's in uninvited.

In yesterday's Sweden vs. Brazil group stage match for the Overwatch World Cup, Sebastian "chipshajen" Widlund did just that against a very outmatched James "soulive" Luigi.

Pro Overwatch Player Demolishes Opponent In Three Simple Steps

Between Genji's preference for close quarters melee combat and the ability to deflect projectiles, you'd think the match-up might go in soulive's favour, but Chipshajen wasn't having it. The Swedish player, currently with Team EnVyUs, made short work of the Brazilian with perfectly timed combo. First he hit Genji with a sleep dart, then let lose a bionic grenade while getting some distance before then sniping the cyborg to death.

If only Overwatch awarded points for courage. Group play for the World Cup continues today at 3:00PM EDT with Sweden vs. Canada. You can find out more about the tournament and watch all of the matches here.


    Ana got a bit of help with Mei's Freeze Gun too, which helps!

    Last edited 31/10/16 11:51 am

      Yep, a LOT of help. Without the freezing, Ana would be toast.

      Yeah pretty big omission, please give Mei some Kudo's Kotaku.

    That's SUPER unimpressive, and almost a waste of both Lucio's AND Mei's ults too.

    Good shot on the sleep dart, but that's about it.

      I think I played with you last night sir, you were running a Symmetra and Mercy in Conpetitive Overwatch last night lol

        That would've been me!

        I've taken to trolling with Symettra, and I accidentally started liking her :3

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