Protect Your Coin Purses, GOG's 'Back To School' Sale Ends Tomorrow

It wasn't until recently I started to suffer from the infamous condition known as the "Steam sale backlog". Now, with GOG's latest deal bonanza swiftly coming to a close, I might have to invent some sort of game-playing suppository to clear things up.

The sale will remain a thing until 9am on October 3, after which I'm guessing all those little boxes on the GOG front page with discounts on them are going to disappear. As to what boxes your mouse cursor should grace... well, there are plenty to consider.

The Bethesda Collection — which is more old school than anything — is tempting at $44.13 and comes with the first three Quake games, along with all the Wolfensteins, up to Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

If you're after something cheaper (and fresher), then Grim Dawn is a good pick at $16.39. Those after a classic RPG should look no further than the ultimate edition of Dragon Age: Origins, which is also $17, or Baldur's Gate at $6.59.

Well, you can look a little further, if you're after a co-operative experience, with Divinity: Original Sin — Enhanced Edition a cool $22.99.

If none of those take your fancy, no worries, hit up GOG and start scrolling. I know you'll find something.

Save by the bell: The 2016 Back To School Sale Finale is now on! [GOG]


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