Red Dead Redemption Fans Turn Rockstar's Tease Into Comedy Gold

Rockstar's been teasing the crap out of a big reveal for the past couple days. Their tease medium of choice? Images of stars and cowboys. Obviously, they're either about to announce a new Red Dead game, or a gripping open-world narrative experience about sports teams from Dallas, Texas.

Where some fans see pictures of Cool Guys Walking or an all-McCree Overwatch team, others see a canvas. They have transformed Rockstar's teaser images into everything from breakfast food to Garfield. Some are more ... ominous than others.





So then, are you excited about the new Table Tennis?


    What no Daft Punk Get Lucky? That's what I thought of immediately when I saw that image


    Thanks for the reminder that Agent never came out. Remember how that was going to be an awesome PS3 exclusive to make up for... something?

    So is the first one supposed to be Red Dead Skillet?

      Table tennis paddles, for the Rockstar Table Tennis game that was more an engine test than anything else.

    I'd play the everloving shit out of a Rockstar made Taggart game.

    And RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 just got announced!!!!

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