Rockstar Just Got Everyone Talking With One Simple Image

Earlier this morning, Rockstar Games went red, with new versions of its logo appearing on social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook, as well as the loading screen for the company's official website. The studio didn't actually mention the words red, dead or redemption. Instead, it simply tweeted the following:

Rockstar also posted an update on its Newswire to the same effect. Within minutes the tweet had thousands of likes and retweets. Now everyone's reported on the above image, including us, despite the fact that no one actually knows what it means. We've reached out to Rockstar for more info.

It's been almost exactly five years since the last time Rockstar announced a new game. Grand Theft Auto V was first revealed on October 25, 2011. A trailer followed later that week with the game eventually releasing just under two years later.

Some had originally suspected that a new Red Dead Redemption game might be revealed at Sony's press event for the PlayStation 4 Pro, but alas, that never happened. This latest move could hint at upcoming news about the studio's beloved open world western, or it could simply mean that someone around the Rockstar office wants to rehabilitate communism's brand image.

The Xbox 360 version of the original Red Dead Redemption became backwards compatible on Xbox One earlier this year, and Red Dead Revolver, the game's predecessor, just recently became playable on PlayStation 4 via PSN. It's been six years since the last Red Dead game, and 12 years since the first. For now, it seems a simple colour will have to suffice.


    Excuse me ... I need to go change my pants ...

    Two things I want this to mean. Red dead 2 and Red dead 1 on PC.

      Best announcement would be, "We are releasing rdr2 and in the meantime, here is rdr1 on pc (right now) to whet your appetite".

      You mean Red Dead 3 right?
      We've already had number 2.

        you had revolver

        Redemption was a restart, a reimagining. As they once said it wasnt really a sequel as per se.

          But still included canon ala playable characters from the first game. I'd consider it a trilogy of great western games, can't wait for some more news............fingers crossed

            Not according to Rockstar it isnt.


    It's actually Ken Bone sweater DLC for GTA V.

      Drinking coffee, read that, need to change my shirt now.

    I'm not sure they'd be so boring as to just call it Red Dead Redemption 2. Red Dead is the franchise, Redemption is the chapter, so that part is likely to change. Given the two games are fairly close together alphabetically, I'll go with Red Dead Resurrection for a title.

    Wishlist includes it having VR capabilities. That'd be sweet to see in action.

      Given the western them Id go Red Dead Revenge

        Yeah that fits too. Lots of things do - Resolution, Reception, Recognition... List goes on and on and on. And its probably something they've spent way too long thinking about :)

        But you're probably closer with Revenge than I am.

        damn it, now if it isn't called this I'm just gonna be disappointed...

        Rise of the Red Dead

          Red Dead Rising, Red Dead Revengeance, Red Dead 2: Die Redder...

      Maybe it will just be known as Red Dead 2?

        Red Dead Redemption WAS Red Dead 2. Red Dead Revolver was the first game.

          Except as far as I remember, RDRedemp was a reboot.

            I dont think that was ever established. There may not have been any relationship between the two, but its like saying GTA 4 was a reboot because it had nothing to do with GTA 3 which is obviously silly.

            I cant find any official statement that it was a reboot (or sequel for that matter), so its going to come down to individual opinion. Given the lack of official status, I personally go with sequel.

              Gta4 was a reboot. It was the "next gen universe". Hence why the ps2 era stuff exists cohesively in itself but not with this gen. As they said about this gen some stuff exists and is similair but not the same. Alternate realities and all that. Lazlow is consistent, Cities, Grove street exists but its layout and residents differ etc. The same applies to rdd and rdr. Maybe it will for this one too?

      Red Dead Revival

    Zombie GTA Online expansion confirmed. :P

    Red Dead exclusive to Nintendo NX. Press conference tomorrow. (It happened with Bayonetta).

      That'd be some great popcorn fodder.

        There would be even more butthurt too. People were pretty pissed about the Bayonetta situation.

          It needs to be accompanied by an announcement that the NX will be part handheld and substantially less powerful than the Xbone.

          I know I’d throw something!

            There are certainly some weird rumours flying about.
            Time will tell.

    How about a VR RDR game where you're on a stage coach or a train or behind a bar having shootouts and defending your position.

    If they don't do it, someone else will...

      Id rather a full fledged game than another VR tech demo.

    So taking bets.....How long until EB has a new RED DEAD game available for pre-order?

    After shitting 50 times and throwing up all weekend, I woke up today feeling better and then opened kotaku to see this teaser! Lets hope its not gta online halloween shit

    I just hope this isnt FO4 all over again. I loved RDR but don't want listen to the hype like i did with FO4. Whilst i sank plenty of hours into FO4 when the time it came to complete the story i just didn't care about any of the characters enough to choose a side. As long as the story, music and "feel" of the world are on par with Redemption they can't disappoint.

      Don't you remember the hype around GTA V? I bought that game across 3 different platforms. It lived up to my expectations every. damn. time.

        Yeah, I still pick up GTAV periodically and love it. I just want to avoid getting my expectations too high like FO4.

          That's fair imo. I got the Pipboy version, I sold it a few weeks back for a little more than I paid for it, and I haven't touched Fallout 4 since December.

            You should play the far harbour expansion, best part of the game me.

              I need to, but i'm just gonna wait for a GOTY version with all the DLC cause I was too stupid not to pick up the season pass when it was $30...

    Westworld Redemption?
    Edit: I'm late to this dance I see ...

    Last edited 17/10/16 8:20 pm redirects to (which then gives a 404)
    make of that what you will

      Cool find, though it looks like /rdr(anything) will do the same redirect:

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