Image: Kotaku

Nobody really had a crack at yesterday's scribble, so here's a second one from the same game to help you all.

So there's a second shot from the same game. And as a reference, here's the drawing from yesterday:

Image: Kotaku

Should be enough for you all to get it, I think. Good luck!


    It's Destiny the melee for warlock and grenade for the hunter

    It's Destiny , the melee for the Warlock and the grenade for the Hunter, and yes people still play it.


    Destiny. Way too easy. Latest is the Warlock melee.


    Destiny, Warlock's Energy Drain and some sort of grenade

    Congrats everyone -- it is indeed Destiny.

      Now that it's been confirmed as Destiny, I'm gunna go ahead and guess that today's scribbletaku is Destiny!

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