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So Destiny finally got knocked off the perch yesterday, with everyone and their dog lining up to give it a hearty whack.

Today should be a fun one.

This has been in the news lately, so regular readers should be able to spot it without much fuss.

Good luck! And don't forget you can email in and force people to guess your scribbles too.


    Red Dead Redemption? Surely not. Never played, but has been getting some air time of late...

    Nano War (or Galcon)

    There was a puzzle very similar to this one (although a bit more graphically stylised) in an old Cliff Johnson game... The Fool's Errand? 3 in Three?

    Oh boy, I think people are gonna get real angry when you find out what game it actually is. Keep guessing people!

      Destiny! :P

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